Friday, April 8, 2011

Small But Terribly Terrific Living Room


More and more people want to maximize the minimal space they have in their homes. Since a lot of them live in condos or rent a small apartment, it follows that the rooms are quite small, too. But do not fret because having a small living room is not such a big problem as long as you know which furniture to use.

Of course you do not want very big ones as they will make your living room look like they are being loomed over by giants. This will definitely make the small size of your room seem very obvious. You need furniture which is afloat, neat and orderly. They make the room look organized and tidy. Having unnecessary mess would only take up some space which you could have used for other purposes. Preferably, provide some furniture with legs rather than box-type ones so more space can be seen.


If you find sofas too bulky, then opt for chairs instead. You may think that they would be less comfortable than sofas but you can be resourceful enough to choose chairs with cushions included and those that are cozier to use for seating. You can likewise have your own pillows incorporated in them.


Your tables would be wonderful if they have glass tops. They allow more space to be seen and more light to enter the room. With this, your room would be clearer and brighter because mirrors are good reflectors of light.

The colors and shades affect your room a great deal. Neutral and pastel colors are very helpful to give more room and space in your living area. Your furniture, pillows, and rugs are good examples of objects where you can incorporate these color techniques.


When choosing accessories to match your outfit, you consider your body size first. You also take that into consideration when choosing your living room accessories. Large rooms can afford large accessories but if you have a small living room, avoid large accessories as they will only look like giant objects scaring away the tininess of your room. Avoid choosing striped and plaid designs. Better choose detailed and intricate upholstery. Still, pastel and neutral colors are more preferred.


Tall and lengthy furniture is another best option for it will give the illusion of a taller and lengthier room as well. Instead of looking area-wise, people will notice how perpendicularly large your room is. Lamp stands are the best in this aspect, as well as grandfather clocks, cabinets, and tall, slim vases.

Do not overdo your accessories, though. Because you want to maximize space and still have enough of it, choose slim jars and vases, and pick out small but stylish figurines, china, and collectibles.

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