Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pacific Green Furniture Collection from LA Furniture Store

The aboriginese style of the furniture that is incorporated into these furniture masterpieces brings to life the old fashion cultures of the world. This indigineous style furniture originated in the islands of the South Pacific. These islands were unaffected by industrialism and the changes of the modern world. These cultures relied on nature and what was around them to survive. Everything these cultures produced was carefuly constructed by hand. The main customs of these cultures were based on seafering and warrior traditions.

The main source of survival for these cultures was the coconut palm. In fact, it was so important to their survival that it was like, "the tree of life". They used every part of this tree in order to survive. The nut from the palm was a source of food. The husk of the tree was used for rope and bedding. The fronds of the tree were sued for matting adn roofing. The stem was used to build boats and houses.

This type of carefree lifelstyle is the main purpose of the Design of Pacific Green products. Every piece of furniture Pacific Green makes reflects something from the indigenous culture. The tables reflect the war canoes of the culture. The influence for the chairs comes from the Zulu war shield, in which they stretch animal skin over animal bones.

LA Furniture Store is a proud affiliate of Pacific Green Eco-Friendly Furniture. Pacific Green uses Cocunut trees in making their furniture and uses no chemicals, making them eco-friendly furniture manufacturer. You can have a peace of mind knowing the furniture you buy from Pacific Green is made with the best intentions to preserve mother nature.
We now offer a leather sofa collection from Pacific Green, so that you too can save the environment.


nicolette said...

I had to read your introduction to figure out that the design is, in fact, a coconut palm. It looks great. The thing I'm wondering, though, is if the design also comes in green.


Anonymous said...

This furniture originates in Fiji... thus, a "Zulu war shield" is NOT the design influence! Fijians have plenty of symbols of their own from which to draw, so to speak. Designs are influenced by Fijian culture... in the South Pacific—NOT Africa! I personally visited the factory in Sigatoka (pronounced SING-a-toka), Viti Levu, Fiji, and so my comments here are supported by fact.

Dining Room Furniture said...

This is an amazing and beautiful furniture.I like it,but how can i buy it?

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