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Modern Black Sofa Set for a Small-Spaced Home

modern black sofa set

Some people think that a modern black sofa set in a small-spaced home is not practical. It would only make the area look even smaller. Good thing, there are modern interior design techniques that make things possible with just a few design tricks. Even modern furniture designs made this easier that small-spaced homes can still look elegant and beautiful.

contemporary black sofa

Arranging a Modern Black Sofa Set in a Small Living Room

Living in an apartment, a townhome or unit is common these days. The small space, however, should not make you worry about decorating it. Here are a few simple tricks that will readily turn your living room into a comfortable, welcoming and sophisticated space using a modern black couch.

leather black sofa set

·      Create a design plan. Get a graphing paper to create a design plan. You can also check online for a free design app. Choose a light and neutral paint color for your wall and ceiling. This will give make your living room bright and airy and will allow your modern black sofa set to stand out. Your floors should be light-colored, too. It does not need to have the same color as your walls and ceilings. Light-colored floors will provide a strong contrast with your black sofa set.

modern black couch

·       Add furniture. Arrange the furniture the way it appears in our design plan. After adding the exquisite modern black sofa set and the other furniture pieces, add colorful and bold accessories. Textured colorful throw pillows, painting, artwork, vases or sculptures will disrupt the dullness in the room.

modern contemporary black sofa set

·       Lighting. Position an overhead lighting to further define your layout. Hang a medium-sized semi-flushed- mount chandelier to avoid drowning the ceiling. Apartments and small-spaced homes do not have partitions. To emphasize the use of each space, adopt a back-to-back furniture arrangement. Make sure, though, that you have space for traffic.

Let natural light in. Do not block the windows. Let natural light in for a fresher feel. If you need to hang curtains, choose the flimsy white ones. Lighting is one of the many ways to make a small room look larger. It will give your modern living room a cheerful and encouraging atmosphere.

modern black sofa set

·       Hang a mirror. A mirror placed opposite where the natural light comes in will give the illusion of added depth in your living room. Place the most used modern black sofa or chair opposite the window to have a view of the outdoors.
modern leather black sofa set

·       Minimize d├ęcor. Avoid being too extravagant with furniture and accessories. The fewer the better, but they should be interesting and functional. With the limited space that you have, think of modern living room furniture sets that are multipurpose. The same goes for accessories.

contemporary black sofa set

Modern Black Sofa Set for Apartment Living

A well-designed modern black sofa set will not make your living room look even smaller or darker. The key is knowing how to use the color black to your advantage regardless if you are living in an apartment, a single unit condo, or in a small-spaced townhome. After all, your walls are light-colored so you have several ways of bringing light inside your space even if you have a stylish modern black sofa set. At Downtown Los Angeles La Furniture Store, you get varied designs and styles of both modern and contemporary black sofa sets at reasonable prices.

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Modern Black Sofa Set for a Small-Spaced Home

Some people think that a modern black sofa set in a small-spaced home is not practical. It would only make the area look even smalle...