Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to Select the Proper Lights for your Home


Can you imagine a world without light? Indeed, life would really be hard without its presence. As we see the electromagnetic radiation of light, its exceptional frequency is defined by our eyes as color. This explains why we need to properly select lights in our home. Lights affect not only the persons living inside it but even its ambiance. A home can be welcoming and soothing by installing the proper lights; but you must also consider the wattage of the lights you are to install.

Universally, there are three principal types of lights that are being used.

First, we have the General Lights that pertain to the wall and ceiling lighting fittings such as the hanging lights also called chandeliers.

Second, we have the Task Lights that consist of table and desk lamps and give less eyestrain.

Lastly, we have the Accent Lights that are used to accentuate pictures, paintings, furniture and other decorations. These are also called ornamental lights.


Now, we go to what kinds of lights must we use at home. We, of course, want those that will save us on electricity bills without sacrificing the needed illumination. The area that you want to illuminate will determine the type of lights to buy.

• Fluorescent bulbs are generally utilized in most homes. They come in various shapes, sizes and wattage. They are expensive but are energy efficient and are more enduring. So if you are to look at it, you still save money in the long run. But dimmer switches cannot be used with fluorescent bulbs.


• Halogen bulbs, in contrast, give off brighter radiance and are also cost-saving. They are more expensive compared with the fluorescent and incandescent lamps.

• If you prefer to use halogen bulbs, ensure that you take precautionary measures in handling them. Touching the glass of the bulb can endanger you as it can scorch your skin.

They also get extremely hot and can set any fiber on fire once they came in contact with the glass of the bulb. The duration of the halogen bulb is also shortened once touched caused by the oil from the skin.


The basics in selecting the proper light for your home are as follows:

1. Know the kind of light that you need. A reflector lamp with lower watts is enough to accentuate any decoration or furniture.

2. Low-level radiance bulbs are recommended in lighting up external and internal stairs at night as well as for your outer door keyhole.

3. Make use of halogen lamps with dimmers. These are more cost-efficient and perfect in producing special effects. You can also opt to use high wattage ornamental lights during special occasions. Unique effects can be achieved by having lights in shiny surfaced holes.

Keep in mind that the bulb’s wattage is your clue to the quantity of illumination. It would be wise then to get differing watts for the different rooms of your home. To emphasize a piece of art, make use of a full range incandescent light as it produces natural brilliance. Evaluate your lighting needs and fully understand the differences of these lights prior to purchasing lights for your home.

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