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White Modern Sofas - Contemporary Pieces for Your Living Area

Atlanta contemporary white sofa

Having a leather Atlanta white sofa at home seems to be a passion of most homeowners these days. This is because the white color represents freshness and cheerfulness. The color white is crisp, making it look good with fresh colors!

white sofa Atlanta

Modern White Sofas

To date, having a white interior is conceivably the most versatile color schemes for any room in a home. White is a naturally elegant and chic color. It can blend into several kinds of décor ranging from stylish to contemporary. Using a modern white leather sofa as an accent piece gives your home a modern advantage. You can easily create an ageless style by filling in the other coordinating components of a white-themed home that you will enjoy for years.

modern white sofa

Stylish Contemporary White Sofas for a Contemporary-themed Living Room


·       Create a serene and calm décor with cool paint colors, like blue and green. To enliven the room, use warm paint colors, like orange and red.
·       Paint three walls in the same paint color, making sure it does not overpower the room.
·       Incorporate a modish wallpaper to create a focal point. A wallpaper with a traditional pattern, like floral or damask is a good choice. Blend the wallpaper color to your walls paint color to have a unified décor.

·       Place your modern or contemporary white sofa against the wallpapered wall to intensity this focal area.

Coordinating Furniture

·       Enhance the elegance of your living room by putting an elegant mirrored furniture piece. Mirrored furniture will instantly add glamour to several kinds of decorating themes as well as make the room look spacious.
·       Place white contemporary end tables on each side of the stylish modern white sofa.
·       Add a midcentury coffee table or a cushioned ottoman, the color of which should harmonize with the wallpaper colors.
·       Adding a functional beautiful coordinating furniture piece will enhance the visual interest of the room.

modern contemporary white sofa


·       Put charming table lamps on the tabletops. A crystal-based table lamp will make it more interesting. The best thing with crystal-based lamps is that they highlight many different interior styles. Emphasize the living room décor for a custom feel and look for a patterned fabric lampshade.
·       If your ceiling is high, hang a white ceiling light or chandelier. If not, choose a not too dangling or heavy-looking chandelier but make sure it is color white. A white-colored lighting fixture will harmonize beautifully with your stylish white sofa and add to the moderately contemporary look of your living room.
·       Get a group of white candles. Place these on a heat-resistant silver plate, and place it on one side of your coffee table. Lighting the candles will give your living room a soft glow.

modern white living room sets


·       Add a large area rug. Let your comfortable white sofa stand on it. This will not only anchor the space but will make the area a convenient and suitable conversational space. Pick a textured area rug to avoid any visual competition with your wallpapered wall. Good choices are tone-on-tone heavily woven rugs. Pick a hue from the wallpaper, which should be the area rug color.

·       Get a large, decorative mirror. Hang this behind the elegant white sofa. Mirrors reflect light, so they give additional dimension to the room’s décor.

·       Sculpture or Vase. Give the space an extra charm by placing fresh, white blossoms in a silver vase. Place this at the center of the coffee table. A silver sculpture is another option so it will blend with the group of candles on a silver plate.

modern contemporary white sofas

Who says it is difficult to decorate with a white sofa? It is easy, just follow the above tips and you are definitely getting that luxurious, energetic feel in your home with a charming sassy white sofa!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A Perfect Bedroom via Sleek Modern Bedroom Sets

A comfortable bed, cushy pillows, clean nice-smelling linens, and a warm blanket are enough to move you into oblivion after a long tiring day. It is one of life’s best pleasures that you cannot resist. This may be an extravagance for some but at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to lie down on warm, comfortable soft modern bed?

A Perfect Sleeping Place
There several methods to turn your modern bedroom into a perfect sleeping place.

  • Re-paint the Bedroom Walls and Ceiling
Paint your walls and ceiling in a palette shade. This will help soothe your tired muscles and mind. Hang serene paintings to give your modern bedroom a relaxing ambiance.

  • Pick the Right Bed or Mattress
No specific bed or mattress suits us all, so you need to check carefully before making a final purchase.

Some are happy with having a single bed while others would want more space, so they choose to have a double bed. For couples, a queen sized bed or king sized bed are the best choices. Or, opt for a round bed! Of course, the size of your bedroom is a factor to consider when buying a bed.

Modern beds come in all sizes. You can choose from having a brown leather modern bed or a grey one. With modern beds, you have plenty of colors to choose from as well as materials.

You can have a blue fabric modern bed or even in orange, yellow, and red colors.

There are modern beds that come with tall headboards.

Some even feature built-in lights, open shelves, etc.

You can go for a minimal look by choosing a platform bed featuring slabs as the frame. This design aerates your mattress, which is healthier for you.

There are also the stylish eco-leather modern beds and various styles and designs, such as curvy design structure, with extended platform, built-in nightstand, and more.

  • Soft, Comfortable Linens and Blanket
Make sure you change linens and blanket regularly. Do not wait for them to get so dirty and smelly. Who would want to sleep in unclean, smelly linens? If you have an over-sensitive sense of smell, use a detergent that will not irritate or irritate your nose. Spray a few drops of essential oils to relieve stress. Lavender, cedarwood, sandalwood, Roman chamomile, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, and Marjoram are the 8 essentials oils that induce sleep.

Have enough pillows. Too many pillows can also be disturbing as you will not have enough space to turn on your sides when asleep.

  • Turn Off the Lights
Turn the lights off so you can fall asleep quickly. If you cannot sleep without lights, install a dimmer switch. You can also mount a sconce but make sure it is not near your bed. It should not be directed towards you. Turn them off an hour before going to bed, as this will help you have a sound sleep. Draw the curtains to keep off streetlights and traffic lights. Thick curtains are perfect, particularly on a cold night.

  • Turn the Gadgets Off
In this age of modern technology, the bedroom becomes an extension of our work, as well as socializing via social media. It is common for us to have our laptops, mobile phones, tablets, iPhone in the bedroom. The light coming from these gadgets can prevent you from falling asleep so make sure to turn them off when you are about to sleep. Place your mobile phone near your bed but not too close to awakening you in the middle of the night.

  • Keep Your Bedroom at Normal Temperature
Make sure that your bedroom is not too cold or too warm. Keep it a normal temperature or regulate the temperature depending on the weather and your needs.

For more designs and styles of modern beds, check the best modern furniture stores. This gives you the assurance of high-quality pieces that will last your longer. Check online furniture stores offering  stylish modern bedroom sets as this saves you time and effort.
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Setting Up a Convenient Modern Media Room

Most households use the living room or family room as their media room. While this is not a problem, wouldn’t it be nice to set a room up that is exclusive for this purpose?

In today’s modern home design, a media room is a space that allows you to enjoy cinematic experience. Also referred to as home theater, this room features a projection screen or a large flat screen TV unit fitted on the wall, sensurround speakers, adequate reclining chairs and soft lighting fixtures. With big homes, the media room is normally huge, capable of accommodating a large group. Middle-sized homes, however, use the living room or family room for this purpose.

Tips to Have the Best Media Room

Following are tips to create the best media room.

  • Conceptualize

Make a diagram or draw how you want the media room to look like. Decide where you want to place your flat screen TV or mount a screen. You can also choose to have it descend from a ceiling. What kind of seating do you need? Think how many persons would you like the room to accommodate. You can start the project once you have answered these questions.

  • Emphasize on the Lighting

Keep in mind that the light emitted by the screen is the major source of illumination in the room. You can also choose to have dim lighting. To achieve a real cinema setting, install recessed lighting and simple sconces.

  • Think of Comfort

The main purpose of a media room is to watch movies, TV shows, and programs like sports games. It is a room where you and your family can relax, watch a movie together, and laugh. Therefore, it is necessary to have sitting furniture that is comfortable and convenient. Wouldn’t it be nice to have reclining chairs that have glass holders and a table for snacks?

Lounge chairs or sleek modern sectional sofas that recline or feature chaise would be perfect. Not only can you relax while watching and enjoying the movie, but can also relax your back, head, and neck. The addition of a glass holder and table would be another big factor.

Pick sofas that have warm, soft cushions and nice upholstery. Leather and fabric upholstery will do and this will depend on your taste.

  • Multipurpose Entertainment Center

What if you want a room that is more than just a home theater? Then, create a multipurpose entertainment center – one that can function as a bar or game room! Let us start by having a bar table and a few bar stools. You can include lounge chairs, a couple of coffee tables and end tables. Have a billiard table that converts into a plain table in case you want to use it for table games. You can also get a miniature indoor golf set.

If you want to have reading sessions in the room, go find an entertainment center that features shelves. Have an area rug and throw pillows so the sessions would feel more relaxing. If it is for your kids, then they can lie down while you read. This setup is also nice and comfy with friends or your partner.

  • Go for Simplicity.

You do not to splurge on items. Stick to what you can produce or what your budget can afford. What is important is to have a media room exclusive for this purpose or for other purposes that you intend to. Incorporating many designs can only distract the main intention. Pick simple décor to blend with the room theme. It is not necessary to have lavish décor, anyway, when you turn off the lights and when you start playing or do an activity.

Apply the above tips and have that media room that you have always wanted. Whether you use the living for this purpose, make sure to have the most relaxing and appropriate modern furniture.

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Understanding Modern Furniture Design

Mid-century modern furniture became popular during the mid-20th century. The artists and craftsmen of this furniture design idea that functionality and artistry.

This modern furniture design was the result of the artists’ and craftsmen idea of putting functionality and artistry together. The modern in this design sense refers to a specific aesthetic instead of being current.

The main objective of this design theme is to introduce a cleaner, simpler design using modern materials that are available thru technological processes.

Driven by the desire to use these new materials. They focused on the shape by producing furniture with a more artistic appeal yet is functional. For example, they created chairs from molded fiberglass or fitted lounge chairs with stainless steel legs. These designs captured the eyes and hearts of consumers. After World War II, homeowners with a more disposable income demanded these new fresh designs to furnish their new suburban homes.

What Defines Modern Furniture Design

 Sleek, straight lines with smooth, shiny surfaces are the features of modern furniture design. The emphasis is on simple geometric forms instead of ornate designs featured on traditional designs. Modern furniture designs aim to produce items that are clean devoid of intricacies, messy lines, and color schemes.

Compared to the heavy visual presentation of traditional furniture, modern furniture designs have a lighter visual appeal. The trademarks of modern furniture design are the use of modern materials such as exposed light woods, stainless steel, chrome, aluminum or nickel, plastic with clean, simple lines devoid of any intricate details.

The well-known designers of modern furniture designs include Charles and Ray Eames (husband and wife), Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Florence Knoll Basset, Arne Jacobsen, and Herman Miller. These designers were the leaders of the modernist movement during the 50s and 60s. From this group, we owe iconic furniture pieces such as the Barcelona chair, Tongue chair, and more exemplary items.

Milo Baughmann is another modern designer who renewed the look of classic styles. Working with furniture builders, Drexel and Henredon, they were able to bring these styles to the masses. Knoll, the company owned by Basset, still exists and continues to offer modern designs. Check out the vintage pieces created by any of the above designers if you like modern furniture designs. You can also find quality reproductions from online furniture stores.

Modern Design Furniture vs. Contemporary Design Furniture

Some people often mistook modern design furniture for contemporary design furniture.

Although modern and contemporary designs may have a few similarities, they are not identical or transposable.

Modern Furniture Design

Modern design furniture focuses on a specific time era taking on with the German Bauhaus and Scandinavian designs. It features:

  • Noticeable aesthetics
  • Angular
  • Clean, crisp lines
  • Warm neutrals
  • Balance

Contemporary Furniture Design

 Contemporary design changes constantly to display or demonstrate the popular styles of current day design. It features:

  • Minimalism, modernism, and other universal styles without emphasizing on a specific component
  • Restructured traditional look with a modest midcentury modern influence
  • Less artistic
  • Clean, curved, softer lines but more practical or functional and a few intricate detailing
  • Overstuffed with a softer look and feel

Incorporating sleek modern furniture design into your home is easy as you can buy it from online modern furniture stores. Check them out and watch my next post to have a better understanding of modern furniture design.

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Area Rug to Complement Well-designed Modern Furniture   

 Have you started decorating your home in preparation for the holidays? If you do not intend to purchase a new set of well-designed modern furniture, an area rug can give your home a new look.

Area rugs are great accessories to create small areas within an area. They can bring warmth, charm, giving the room a cozy, inviting feel. Do you want to know how to do this? Read on and find out.

Start by asking yourself what you want to achieve with a rug. Do you want to create smaller areas within a large room or to unify a space?

  • Get the dimension of the room.

Get the maximum and minimum lengths and widths that is appropriate to your living space. Remember, rugs have different sizes.

Imagine what sizes of rugs will fit in your space. To do this, get a painter’s tape (brown paper) or one to two pieces of paper. Fold these in the same size of the rug that you think is appropriate to your space. Doing so will give you a picture of how the rug will look in the room or if it will fit in the room.

Using Rugs when Decorating a Room

Traditionalists say that a room will look bigger with a larger rug. However, the question lies how large the rug should be. The traditional rules are to leave 18 inches of space between the floor and wall.

For small space rooms or open spaces, however, you need to leave a few inches of space between the wall and floor.

Area Rugs in the Different Rooms

  • In The Living Room or Family Room

Have the front legs of your sleek modern design sofa on the rug. If it is bigger, include the chair’s legs to place on the rug. You can create a hybrid or combination by putting the front legs of the sofa and the four legs of the chairs on the rug.

To define more than one space in a large room, use multiple non-matching rugs. Instead, use rugs with the same pattern or color palette.

  • In The Dining Room

A rectangular rug is great in the dining room. Use a round area rug if you have a round dining table. Regardless if you use a round or rectangular area rug, make sure it extends at least 18-24 inches from all sides of the dining table’s edge. This size will allow the back legs of the dining chairs to stay on the rug when in use. Pull the dining chairs, like when you are to sit down to get the correct size of the rug. Then, measure how far the back legs will reach and that is the minimum size you would need. The rug can extend even up to the wall.

  • In The Bedroom

Do not place the bed on the rug but instead, let the bottom half of the bed rest on the area rug and just before it reaches the nightstands. The rug should extend at least 12 inches if you are using a full- or twin-size bed and at least 18 inches for a queen- or king-size bed.

Pick an accent rug for a smaller bedroom and place it on either side or at the foot of your bed. Make sure the size of the rug proportionate to the size of the room and the bed. Pick a wider rug if you plan to it at the feet of your bed.

  • In the Foyer

Give your guests a great first impression by placing a rug in the foyer. A round or octagonal rug shape is better than the rectangle rugs.

Why not invest in a few area rugs for your home and see the difference they can bring? These accessories are not that expensive and can always blend with any furniture style and design. They are easily accessible in any discount modern furniture online. Check modern furniture Los Angeles for area rugs to recreate your home in a simple modern way.

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