Monday, April 11, 2011

Recliner Sofa or Sofa Bed: Which Is Best For You?


You may be torn between choosing a recliner sofa or a sofa bed. You may be thinking which is more comfortable between the two. Or which will address your needs the most. Perhaps you may want to try surfing the net for further information regarding sofa beds and recliner sofas. You need to know how they look like, their similarities and dissimilarities all the same. You may want to know some of other people’s experiences regarding their respective sofas. You need to know that there is more to these sofas than by being seating furniture alone.


But you are lucky enough because we are now here to help you choose what kind of sofa is best for you. You need some pointers before you go on shopping for one.

The sofa should suit your personal needs

Ask yourself first, am I looking for furniture where I can sleep in aside from my bed? Or do I want something which can serve as a sofa and a resting place at the same time? If you do have the answer to these questions, then you have just accomplished the first step in buying the best sofa bed for you.


Recliner sofas

A recliner sofa is an armchair of some sort which allows you to adjust the backrest-- to raise it up or lower it down. The backrest is especially adjustable and provides an ottoman or foothold to act as your footrest. This footrest can be adjusted as well whenever you lower your backrest to lie down or may be manipulated manually by means of a lever. It gives the utmost comfort you need especially after the day’s toil than most common chairs do. It is the combination of your normal chair together with the features of a recliner which makes it more advantageous than other sofas. The recliner sofa is truly efficient because of its adjustable effects that you can lie down and relax with your other family members around the room.


However, you have to make sure that the chair fits perfectly in the allotted space of your room. Aside from its designated area, you have to give a few spaces at the back and front so that when you lie back you can do so with ease and at maximum range. Do so at front so the footrest may be extended fully. Recliner sofas are usually symbols of luxury in the western part of the world.


Sofa beds

Sofa beds are the combination of your old normal sofa and the features of a bed. It may be arranged as a sofa, or laid out like a bed. Sofa beds are more fitting at present times because of their innovative features.


Because of its dual purpose, more and more people are getting this kind of furniture. If you host a lot of sleepovers and parties, then this furniture is perfect for you. You can use them during the day as sofas when you entertain your guests and turn them into beds at night and not worry about where your guests will sleep. This is perfect if you have children too, for the family and their friends.


They are weightier than your average sofa, though. You cannot move them about freely whenever you want to.

Now that you know the difference between recliner sofas and sofa beds, you can now make your choice.

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