Monday, February 28, 2011

Tips to Make Your Bedroom Furniture Look New and Long Lasting

Furniture plays an important role in giving your most wanted serenity in your bedroom. That is why you need to take utmost care in your purchase of furniture. However, if your budget cannot permit a new set of fitment, then you have other options to make them long-lasting and looking new.

Bedroom furniture must always be tidied. Have a cleaning timetable. Dusting can extend the life of your fixtures and fitment. Some have particular cleaning tips so make sure that these are followed.

Use a mild furniture polish every two months. Ensure that the polish does not have any chemicals that will destroy your furniture. Perfume must not be placed directly on dresser tops; make use of ornamental glass plates as your perfume canister. A dresser scarf can also be used instead of the glass plate. Place a tiny silver glass salver in your husband’s dresser for his watch or coins.

Remove smears, marks and fingerprints on the mirror by washing it with a window cleaner.

Smarten up your furniture. Furniture that has lost its shine or color must be repainted. Make sure though that any crack or openings will be fixed. Use plastic wood to cover these cracks. Likewise, use a tack fabric to tidy the furniture prior to repainting it. Apply varnish when the painting is finished. The varnish will protect the new paint and will give the furniture a fresh luster.

Examine if the bedroom furniture needs to be repaired. Check if there are loose hooks and joints. Perhaps the drawer pull has loosened up. The bed, couch or chair’s feet must also be periodically checked if these are still intact.

Any nicks or scratches must be given attention. If you do not have a scratch removal kit, then
get one for your own use. This tool will help you to hide the nicks of the furniture.

Serve a hot cup of coffee or tea with saucers or coasters. Putting the hot cup directly on top of a bedside table will ruin the furniture top as the heat will leave stains.

Observing the aforementioned tips will make your bedroom furniture looking new and fresh as well as enhancing its durability.


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