Thursday, March 3, 2011

How Colors Influence our Moods

In building a house, one must not only think about its architectural design, style and furniture. The paint color and the furniture color are both indispensable. This is because colors influence our moods.

Let us take a look in the different colors and the emotions they exude.

The color white indicates wholesomeness and tranquility. Any color can blend with white. White furniture as your accent will make a room airy. This is not advised, though, in a bedroom as it suggests infertility. White brings calmness, honesty, transparency and cleanliness.


The color blue is at all times associated with being contented. It is good for the health and definitely can alter one’s frame of mind. Blue decelerates the heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. Offices can benefit with blue colored walls or furniture because it encourages one to accomplish more. Blue gives forth tranquility, reassurance and harmony.

The color green is very popular because it is chic and fashionable. It is also comparative to life. Green improves vision as it is fresh and agreeable to the eyes. A bedroom that has a touch of green can encourage fertility. Revenue is what green brings to business. But remember not to have green in the bedroom of a cancer patient. Green encourages calmness and revitalization.


The color yellow is related to being in high spirits; it being a symbol of the sun. Yellow furniture can make a dull-looking room sanguine. Healthiness and communication are upheld by this color.

The color red is known for passion. Red in the bedroom is not recommended as it can bring about pressure, anxiety and misunderstanding. Offices can opt to have modern furniture in red as it signifies authority and willpower. Romance, passion and power are upheld by the color red.


The color orange is a nice color in the house as it induces closeness. Accents in warm orange tones are good as it produces a comfortable area. Radiance and renewal are emotions that the color orange supports.


The color brown is associated with wealth. The earth, soil and trees are represented by this color. Optimism, intimacy and friendliness are given off by the color brown.


The color purple induces healing. To induce concentration and creativity among your kids, have purple hues in their playroom. An office conference room will benefit a lot with a purple accent wall blended with grey. Imagination, originality and attentiveness are encouraged by the color purple.


The color black can give off arrogance and hostility if not use appropriately. Dedication and professional is perceived in an office with black furniture. For a country style, mix black and white with a darker hue of blue. Mysterious is what black connotes.

Colors influence our senses and feelings; therefore it is of the essence to select your furniture color astutely.


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