Friday, February 25, 2011

What to Consider when Buying Bar Stools


Bar stools come in different styles, designs, materials and colors making it easy for the consumer to choose one that will blend with the other furniture of the room. It used to be that bar stools were just meant for seating and so they are normally very plain. Modern furniture has changed the image of these stools to make them not just seating fitment but also as decorative pieces.

If you are thinking of buying your own bar stools, then the following tips can help you in your selection.


Select a material for your bar stools. Wood and metal are the common materials used for bar stools although plastic has also been used lately. Wooden bar stools will fit a traditional style of room. On the other hand, bar stools made of metal is fitting for a modern style. The fact that the height of metallic bar stools can be changed a big advantage aside from being glossy.

Select a suitable height for your bar stools. This is essential in order for the person sitting on the stool to be comfortable. Bar stools must be 10 – 13 inches lower than the counter to allow your legs to move. You must also able to relax your arms easily on the bar counter.


Select the suitable features for your bar stools. Some bar stools are stationary whereas some can be swiveled. Pubs normally make use of the immobile stools which are classified traditional furniture and modern furniture is the swivel stools.

Another feature of modern types of bar stools is the back and arm rest. You get to feel more relax with the back rest while having a drink your friends or family. Not to forget that they are especially secure for children.


Make sure that the legs are durable. You will observe that some bar stools have a wide bottom plus a big rod as their support while a few have footrests.

Bar stools that can be adjusted with regards to their height is also a good option.


Bar stools with cushions or without. If you prefer the cushioned bar stools, leather is a good choice as these types are durable compared to soft fabrics. Match the patterns, colors and style of the cushion with the design of your room.

With the new designs, structures and styles of modern bar furniture, you get to have a huge selection that will match your home and room style.

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