Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What is Your Choice of Bed: King Size or Queen Size?

To sleep comfortably, you need to have a bed that can accommodate and support your weight and size.  You should also be able to roll on your side conveniently especially if you share the bed with someone.

Beds come in different sizes:  twin, full, queen and king sizes.  If you are alone, the twin or full size is more than adequate for you.  However, some people prefer the queen or king size even if they are alone.  Both the queen and king size fits a couple or if the bed is to be shared with someone.

If you are to choose between the king and queen size bed, which would you choose?  Following are the differences of these two kinds of beds.

Ideal for couples is the queen size bed that has a basic measurement of 60 x 80 inches.  This differs though in each country.  


  1. cheaper than the king size bed
  2. offers a myriad of dimensions
  3. gives couples sufficient space ensuring them of having a good night’s sleep 
  4. you get to stretch better  
  5. available in a myriad of selections are the linens, sheets and blankets 

Downside:  bedroom must be spacious and the door’s opening must be wide 

King size beds’ basic measurement is 76 x 80 inches and is likewise fitting for couples.


  1. offers more area to stretch
  2. the family can lie together and relax
  3. the extensiveness of the king size helps in soothing your senses
  4. you can sleep well without worrying of disturbing your spouse
  5. more expensive than the queen size
  6. requires a bigger room and door opening 


  1. bed linens, sheets and blankets are hard to find
  2. bedroom must be huge as well as the door opening
  3. more expensive than the queen size  

Now that you have known the differences between the queen and king size beds, it would be easier to make a decision which of these two suits your needs.  Bear in mind though that the size and appearance should not blind your eyes as the comfort it offers is more essential.

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