Friday, January 20, 2012

Contemporary Platform Beds will Give Your Bedroom an Exclusive Appeal

Functional furniture is becoming more popular in these modern times.  The small spaces offered by modern homes have contributed to this popularity.   Most homeowners go for the contemporary designs of furniture as these are versatile, flexible and useful apart from being durable.  

Taking center stage in the bedroom is the homeowner’s preference of having a contemporary platform bed replacing the traditional ones.  Even though a few still opt to buy airbeds, water beds or bunk beds, the numbers of people buying these kinds are getting smaller.  

The presence of a platform bed in the bedroom will make it look down-to-earth.  It alters the mood of your room and easily blends with your current furniture, furnishings and decorations.  It has simple, straightforward lines that are typical of contemporary designed furniture that likewise contribute to its total appeal.  Unlike the beds with regular spring coils, platform bed has crafted planks that support the mattress.  Flair, elegance and style all rolled into one are the other attractions of platform beds because of its augmented woodwork.  The plain structured platform beds are made of several plants of wood or metal, thin plywood and a lofty horizontal surface. 

Contemporary platform beds can be had whether your theme is Asian or European.  They also afford you a high level of comfort to relax and sleep better, as it augments the peaceful and serenity mood in your bedroom, which is vital after a grueling day in the office.

Contemporary platform beds also offer additional storage spaces to put more order in your bedroom.  Fitted drawers are located under the bed with a few having fitted nightstands as well.  Some have high headboards with lights or walk-on platform with lights.

To check on the different designs and styles of contemporary platform beds, check online furniture stores.  These stores offer a myriad of furniture in one shop and make shopping easier and more comfortable.

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