Monday, January 16, 2012

Choosing the Fabric for Living Room Furniture Tips

The fabric is one of the criteria that you need to look into when buying living room furniture.  In choosing the fabric, you need to take account the following: 
  1. The people who will be using the furniture
  2. If it will be used frequently or occasionally
  3. The time you can allot to clean them.

Here are the different fabrics used for living room furniture.

Natural fabrics like cotton fall under this category which rips off easily.  However, the cotton fabric that is being used now for sofas have been made to be more durable than before.

Synthetic or manmade fabrics do not easily get dirty and defy stains.  Nylon blend is one of the sturdiest synthetic fabrics.  They resist dirt and smears.  Polyester blend is almost the same as cotton and is easy to clean and maintain.  Rayon is cheaper, defies depreciation and defies fading and depreciation. 

Raised upholstered patterns are not good to have for a busy home.  They get easily worn out so you always need to buy a new one.    A good choice are those in silky closed-weaved fabrics.  The manner the weave was made is your clue of the durability of the furniture.  

Microfiber is a popular choice for households with kids or pets.  It defies stain and soil and is a good material for a busy household.  It is soft, comfy and tough.  It is also a good choice if a there is a family member with allergy.  

Leather is durable and dense.  It is guaranteed to last you longer.  It is also easy to maintain.

Refer to the above tips when you choose the type of material for your furniture.  Choosing the appropriate fabric can guarantee you of its durability.  Hence, make sure that you choose the fabric that suits your household the next time your buy your living room furniture.

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