Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Match Furniture with Brown-Colored Bedroom Walls


When one is tired, there is nothing more enticing but a bedroom that is calming and comforting. To make your room soothing, you need to make sure that you have the appropriate furniture that matches the color of your walls. So you ask me, what if the walls of your bedroom are brown. What is the right fitment to buy or to have?

Brown-colored bedroom walls can be matched with various colors since brown is regarded as a neutral color. Any shades of blue blend well with brown – turquoise, teal, and ice blue and somewhere in between these shades.


Neutral hues and brown is considered a traditional combination that characterizes a tranquil and stress-free bedroom. You can also include various textures with materials and floor surfaces to create a brown-themed bedroom new and fresh while keeping its conventional appeal.


Light yellow, classic white, sunlit or greenish sage or pale gray can also be used to blend with your brown-colored walls. These hues will enliven your bedroom to avoid it from looking dark.

Pick the textile or material for your linens, curtains and pillows that contains your selected color design. Accessorize with some lively decors like pillows, throws, candles and lamps that follows with the fabric that you have selected. This will equally distribute the accent color and equalize the brown base. Use smart white edgings on your windows and circlet molding fringe to add zest.


If your wall is painted with dark brown color, emphasize it by having wooden furniture with a darker shade. Then add other light-colored wooden furniture. This is more attractive and will divide the vastness of dark wood. Bamboo and rattan will likewise blend with wood because of their natural textures.

The combination of ice blue and brown will make the room to look more open and inviting.

Use plush textiles and add beddings with daring prints, soft silk with lustrous finish, velvet, leather and suede. Excellent fabrics will additional give more vigor and luxuriousness to your brown-colored bedroom.


Similarly, green plants will give a tinge of thrill into your pale hue. Plants will give more life and will brighten up your room. Use dried flowers as ornaments like eucalyptus branches, bamboo or dried floral wreathes.

Embellishing your brown-colored bedroom will be an exciting thing to do if you incorporate color, texture and fun. Cheer up your bedroom with furniture, decorations, accessories, pain and your individuality. Then surely, you would always look forward to staying in your own space – and that is, of course, your bedroom.

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