Thursday, March 24, 2011

Safeguarding your Bedroom Furniture from your Cats and Dogs


We love our pets and for that matter we allow them inside our home. Our pets become so a part of the home that they even invade our bedroom. But the trouble is they sometimes destroy our furniture and to think that we have invested a lot on this fitment. Seeing our furniture with scratches and the cushions getting smelly and torn, we become upset and at times get angry at our pets which eventually end to smacking them.

This problem can actually be avoided if we have only made some adjustments. Pets are not the only ones who can create havoc in our furniture.


In order that this thing will not happen, I have come up with a few tricks on how to stop your pets from coming or staying in your bedroom.

Train your pets while they are still young; this is the first thing you need to do.
When you see him lying on your bed, reprimand him. Make sure that your tone of voice is high so he will know that you did not like what he did. But remember not to smack him just so he will get up from your bed. Squirt some water at your cat to drive him off the bed. This is a smart way of saying he is not allowed to stay on your bed.


If you love your pet so much that you want him in your bedroom, then provide him his own bed. Give him his own comfortable bed, it can either be a blanket or a rug placed on the floor. Talk to him and instruct him that this is where he should sleep or lie down.

There are available crates or enclosures that you can assign for your dog. However, make sure that it has adequate space so your dog can wiggle around, stand, sit and can happily lie down. The crate will also be ideal for a puppy as it gives him assurance of being protected. If your dog whimpers during the night, do not worry; he must learn how to quiet himself and to finally fall asleep. Giving your dog his own crate is the ideal way to train him on his own.


For your cat, let him have his own cat house where she can take a snooze or just lie down quietly. Cat houses are partitioned making them good if you have two or more cats.

Do not bring your pets inside the bedroom to play with them. Make them understand that the bedroom is inaccessible to them.

Make your pet busy by giving him toys so he will not scrape on your bed sheets.
Cat trees are good for your cats that you can buy in pet stores. These are particularly made for cats so they can play and wiggle. Being playful animals, cats will love these as they can run and climb.


Remember the gate that you used for your kid? You can use that so your pet will not go upstairs. The gate will inform them that they are not allowed further than the gate. But again, this must be started while your pets are still juveniles. It will be harder to train them once they are old. (It is almost the same with people.)

Safeguarding your bedroom furniture from your pets is not difficult at all. It only needs some organization and encouragement so they will not create a mess on your modern furniture.

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