Friday, March 18, 2011

A Man’s Opinion on Dining Room Furniture


Have you noticed a single guy’s kitchen or dining room? Well, I think you will agree that only a few can pass the orderliness gauge. Anyway, I do not mean to offend the guys but let us face it; this area of a bachelor’s home is normally uncared for. Check the dining table as well as kitchen counter tops and what you will see are food crumbs, plates left on the table, cutlery, etc. Check the appliance and it is the same. Unclean oven, unwashed plates, pots and utensils and chaos in the fridge is what will meet you once you enter a guy’s dining room or kitchen. This is understandable since this area of the home is not their specialty. There is an exemption, of course, if the man loves to cook. If that is the case, the dining room and kitchen will be in order and smelling nice.


Even as these rooms need to be maintained to always look new, fresh and smell nice, it is different how women and men handle this. Any single individual, whether a lady or a woman, would want this room immaculately clean as this is where we prepare food. That goes with the appliances, too. Any single individual would also appreciate the presence of an espresso machine, a coffee pot and a toaster. On the other hand, a married guy will leave everything to his wife. But men have their ideas, too, so it is best to ask their opinions.


Following are some important men’s opinions with regards dining room furniture.

Men would appreciate a country atmosphere dining room. This naturally should go with the home’s theme. A combination of the country and modern theme will make the dining room more chic. This can be accomplished by smartening up the current furniture via repainting and adding a few modern furnishings.


Men would appreciate a common theme for the dining room. A display of art pieces initiate conversation as well as serving as an accent wall. Another option is a wall painting as the accent wall. However, make it a point to have your furniture and furnishings to blend with that theme. Add the appropriate lighting to give it distinction.

Men would appreciate an up-to-date and radiant dining room. Give importance to the table as this is the main attraction in the room. Men love a simple designed table but it should be silky and polished. A few streaks of metallic textures and white colors will definitely be a big hit for men.


Men would appreciate to have modern appliances in the dining room. This pertains to hi-tech appliances. Men are more inclined to technology and anything new about gadgets makes them curious and would want to have it. New and modern appliances can be emphasized by having a wall that has a big mirror and a counter top. Put all the modern gadgets on the counter top and mount a track light above them.

A man’s opinion on dining room furniture is equally essential as that of the women. So if you are married or with a partner, then combine both your ideas to come up with a dining room that both of you will love.

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