Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Use of Drop Ceiling Lights in Your Bedroom

Lights play an important role in decorating a home and the bedroom is one area where proper lights are needed.    Drop ceiling lights can make a big change in your bedroom and can easily match your bedroom furniture, fixtures and set up.

The use of drop ceiling lights in your bedroom is a good choice as they are easy to mount.  They can also provide your bedroom enough lighting and can be used together with a recessed light or chandelier.  A combination of these two can add elegance in your room’s ceiling.

Mounting drop ceiling lights

Determine the place and the number of drop ceiling lights that you will need, which will depend on the size of your bedroom.  The central area is the best part, though. 

Get the needed tools such as measuring tape, wire nuts, wires, drywall saw and the bulbs.

Rest the tile on the saw horses, measure and put a mark on the area where you will install the bulbs.

Install the housing light onto the ceiling tile.  Make a line next to the bottom of the housing to obtain the correct size of the hole.

Pierce out the hole to mount the light housing in the hole using the drywall saw and attach it using the black clips that accompany the bulbs.

Finally, refit the drop ceiling tile and the trim to the ceiling.  Attach the wires and install the bulb to its housing.

You will notice a majestic appeal to your drop ceiling when you have installed the illuminating fixtures. 

Drop ceiling lights are available in varied patterns and styles such as the crystal LEDs or halogen bulbs.  Both provide your room a mystifying ambiance.  These lighting fixtures are usually operated with a special remote control that goes with them on your purchase.  This allows you to choose the amount of illumination that you want for your room.   

With the proper choice of furniture and lighting fixtures, you are sure to have a nice comfortable bedroom.

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