Monday, December 26, 2011

Matching Furniture for a Brown-Walled Bedroom

Brown colored bedroom walls may look drab and dreary if you will not give much thought on choosing the appropriate furniture.  Matching furniture colors for a brown-walled bedroom would make your room more elegant.  

Matching furniture and furnishings with your brown colored walls

1.      If your walls were painted with dark tones of brown, adopt the light tones of brown with your fixtures and decorations such as your area rug, photo frames and lamp shades and vice versa.
2.      Use white borders to highlight the various tones and to cultivate a lighter ambiance in your bedroom.  Just remember not to exaggerate its use to avoid creating a hospital atmosphere.  White must be used for emphasis and must be combined with livelier hues.
3.      If you plan to have a sofa, chair or chaise, choose one in chocolate brown leather chairs for a classy appeal. 

4.      To foster a nature ambiance, use blinds made of bamboo.  
5.      For wooden furniture such as chest, dressers, cabinets, bedside tables or desk, choose those with lacquered finish.  
6.      Soft and smooth are those that made use of velvet materials as well as these cultivate a comforting appeal, particularly if the fabric has floral designs.  Citrus yellow bed covers will complement the walls well. 
7.      Your linens, pillow covers, blankets, and drapes can be in shades of blue, as they will emphasize your bedroom brown walls even more.

8.      The soft texture of chenille harmonizes well with brown-colored rooms.  Choose from various patterns --stripes, floral, and checkered.
9.      Floors can be ceramic tiles and natural stones or wine-colored carpet.
10.  Paintings that feature oceans and seas are a good match with brown walls.
11.  To complete the ambiance of your bedroom, have scented candles or potpourri pots.
12.  You can also have a plant in your bedroom for a nature touch and to bring freshness and life in the room.  

Brown-colored bedroom can blend with modern, contemporary and traditional types of furniture; therefore, it is not difficult to find furniture that will match your bedroom’s brown walls.


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