Friday, December 30, 2011

Selecting Furniture for Light-Colored Homes

Light-colored walls are cool and soft to the eyes; however, it can also be boring at times.  Enliven your light-colored living room with the use of furniture.

You have three options – either you change your whole furniture set, refurbish them or rearrange them.  

Change your furniture set and buy a new set of living room furniture.  If you opt to change the whole set, then get some willing buyers first so they will not take much space in your room or in your garage.  Besides, they will deteriorate fast if you put them there.  If you find some buyers, then you will be able to have additional resources to buy a new set of furniture.  Select furniture that has radiant hues.  Select contemporary furniture, as they are practical, functional and have a minimalist design and style.

If you plan to refurbish them, choose some brighter and darker shades that will complement the color of your walls.  If you have wooden furniture, you can either repaint them or have them polished for a new shine so they will look new and fresh.  

For furniture with fabrics, check if there are any stains and try if they can still be removed.  If not, have them reupholstered.  Again, you have to consider the paint color of your living room walls.  For glass furniture such as the coffee table or other furniture that has a mixture of wood and glass, get a glass cleaner so they will look shinier.

Check if your furniture needs some repairs and attend to them immediately.

Redesign your living room by rearranging furniture.  Have a small nook exclusive for reading and which can also be used for private seclusion.  You can separate this by having a room divider or with the use of an area rug.  

Other things that you can do to spice up your livingroom with light color paint are:

Have an area rug under your coffee table.  Choose one that has geometric patterns and with an assortment of colors.

Change your decorations on the wall.  If you have photos, change them to some works of art so long as you do not over decorate it.

Get some plants and place them strategically so they get enough light depending on their needs.  Have some hanging plants near your window.

Have an accent wall but make sure you paint it in a darker shade.

Lastly, have scented candles and light them to give your living room a captivating smell.

There are plenty of things that you can do to enliven your light-colored living room.  The only thing that you need is to visualize what you want and start working.

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