Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Functionality of a Sofa Bed

One of the best furniture that you can have in your home is a sofa bed.  

First, it suits any type of home and can easily blend with the rest of your furniture.

  1. It offers you more functionality, as it can serve the purpose of being a sofa and a bed, which is also economical.
  2. It offers a ready bed for guests who are to sleep in your home during the night.
  3. It is a good option to have for your teenager’s bedroom.
  4. It is a good option for people living in small dwelling places.

Nonetheless, do not buy the first sofa bed that you saw in a furniture store.  You need to examine its sturdiness and comfort.

Sofa beds are furniture that provides seating during the day and a bed during the night.  It can be placed in your living room, guest room or any room for that matter.

Since they are convertible, it is vital that you examine its frame.  The frame must be able to sustain the weight of people who will use it.  Buy a sofa bed that is made of excellent quality materials.

Open the sofa bed to check if the legs are well-balance.  This will also give you a clue if it is easy to maneuver.

Test the cushions for any bulges.  Sit and lay on it for a few minutes to feel its softness.  The cushion must not be too soft or too firm.  Your back should not feel any sharp objects or spring.  Try to roll over on your sides to check if the mattress is in good shape.  The mattress or cushion must not have any “dimple-marks” when you get up.

Sofa beds are also offer in varied materials although most are made of microfibers.  You can also find some that are made of leather.  They also come in different sizes.

Whatever material you choose for your sofa bed, make certain that it offers convenience to the one who will use it.  Likewise, check if it blends well with the rest of your furniture and the room theme. 

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