Saturday, September 3, 2011

How Colors in the Bedroom Affect Your Mood

What comes to your mind when you hear the word bedroom?  Well, I would say – relaxing, comforting, rest, quiet, sleep – we can go on with other words.  You may have other terms that you identify with your bedroom, though.
The quiet ambiance that you want in your bedroom is not merely achieved by your choice of furniture, accessories and lighting fixtures.  Colors play a vital role in this aspect. 
Hence, you need to consider the color of your bedroom walls when choosing your furniture.  Bedroom accessories such as linens, blankets and pillowcases must also complement the rest.  This also goes for the curtains or blinds and other decorations that you may have in your bedroom.

So how do colors in your bedroom affect your mood?

To make your room quiet, choose colors that exude a calming sensation.  Here are some colors that are good in the bedroom.
Grey are neutral colors that calm down color schemes by utilizing bright, contrasting hues.
Violet is a mixture of blue and red, which is a challenging color.  Its darker shades, like purple, have long been linked with royalty while its tints have a reflective quality.
Pink, a mixture of red and white exudes calmness, relaxation, acceptance and contentment.  Its deep shade, like magenta, is effective in defusing violence.

Another calming color.  Its dark shades are the color of genuineness and moderation.

Brown suggests a solid wholesome feeling.  It suit people who are conventional and orderly.
Color is the best method to transform any room.  By using different colors in your bedroom, you can give sparkle both to yourself and to your room.  Blend them well; experiment depending on your taste.  Just make sure that you achieve the atmosphere you desire in your bedroom.

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