Monday, September 5, 2011

Guidelines on Choosing the Best Dining Table

=" The dining table is an essential element in any dining area. It is the centerpiece of the room, thus, careful selection must be done during its purchase. First, you need to consider the size of your dining room. Then, decide on the perfect size, shape and material of the table. =" When positioning your dining room set, you need to have a 32-inch space between the wall and the back of the chair. The purpose of the space is to allow people to push their chair back when standing up. Observe a space of 28 inches between the chairs to avoid banging of elbows. The shape of your dining table will depend on the room area and on the intimacy that you want to establish when dining. =" Square-shaped dining tables are perfect for both romantic and informal dinners. Traditional square tables allow you to seat only 4 persons. However, with the modifications made by modern furniture, you can have a square table that can be expanded to accommodate 6 persons at most. A square-shaped dining table is also ideal for small private conversations, hosting card or any other table games for small groups. =" Rectangular-shaped dining tables can accommodate several people. These are perfect for big families, hosting family gatherings and parties. A regular rectangular table can seat 8 – 10 individuals. Like the square tables, modern rectangular tables were designed with a provision of being expanded and is fitting for big dining areas. For real big parties or gatherings, you can use it as your buffet table by positioning it against the wall. It can also be placed in the center where your guests will just have to move around it to get food. Just remember to remove the dining chairs around it to avoid any disturbance and for easy movement. The only downside of a rectangular table is it does not encourage intimate conversation. =" Round-shaped dining tables are also ideal for conversation much the same way with that of the square shape as the people seated can see each other’s faces. Round tables are good for big areas, too. Having it in a small dining space will make the room to look smaller. =" Oval-shaped dining tables are good for casual dinners and are space-savers. They are ideal for big spaces although they can be had in long narrow dining rooms like the rectangular shape. =" The material will depend on the users of the table. You can have an all-wood table or a glass-top with metal as its base. There are also the lacquered or vinyl tables. As for the style of your table, ensure that it will blend with your room’s theme as well as with the other furniture and furnishings.

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