Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Woman's Bedroom


What is your ideal bedroom? Both sexes have their own preferences when it comes to bedroom. This is the same with children. Single women would have a different set-up in her bedroom with that of married women. The latter will have to take into consideration their spouse.
As a whole, however, how do you think would women want their bedroom to look like?


Let us discuss the bed first. Both sexes regardless of their age, single or married, prefer a bed that offers comfort. This is the main requirement when buying this furniture. Next are the size, design, durability and price. Comfort ranks first because your body will rely on it so you can have a good rest. Sleep renews your energy and a sloppy bed cannot give this to you.


Women especially need to have a bed that can support their bodies. This is because women’s bodies age earlier compared with men. To support her from having back pains, she needs a mattress that can sustain her body weight and support her even when getting up.


A bed with a headboard will do well for a woman, as most women love to read before going to sleep. The headboard can support her back and head while seated on the mattress.


A woman cannot do without a dresser in her bedroom. It would be better if she can have a dresser with mirror. Women love accessories and with this furniture, she sure has a place to keep them. The mirror is needed when dressing up and putting on makeup.


She would love a bedside table where she can put a table lamp, her reading material, reading glasses, alarm clock and other items.

She would also appreciate a sofa or love seat in her bedroom. It can be positioned near the window with a plant on the windowpane. This will provide her another relaxation venue if she wants to meditate. It is also a good area for reading.


The younger set of women would welcome the presence of a table, which they can use for some unfinished work in the office.

A woman’s bedroom would have some decorative wicker baskets for some trinkets or for her magazines. Her pictures are posted on the bedroom wall as well as pictures of her family framed in intricate frames.

The bedroom will have colorful patterns for bed linens and pillowcases. Color of the curtains or blinds are in harmony with the other colors in the room and with a more fashionable and striking presence.


Scented candles or aromatherapy oil is used to give the room a distinct fragrance.

As a whole, a woman’s bedroom, whether married or single, will definitely speak of her personality. It is immaculately clean and well-kept with an inviting mood to rest.

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