Monday, August 8, 2011

Setting up Bedroom Lights


If there is any room in the home that can give you solace, it is your bedroom. Nevertheless, you can achieve this mood if you have the proper lights in your room.

The theme of your bedroom will be your basis in selecting the colors of your furniture as well as the lights to use. It follows that a modern bedroom must have modern lighting fixtures, too. You can combine the conventional and contemporary look, though but everything must be in harmony with the rest.


There are several choices for lighting fixtures these days. Each lighting accoutrement can make a change in the mood of your bedroom even without a change in your furniture.

Naturally, your bedroom needs central lighting that will illuminate the whole room. However, there are times that you do not need to turn on the central lights.


For instance, if you enjoy reading a book or magazine while sitting on your bed while your head is propped on the headboard, you can make use of a table lamp. A table lamp that can be angled to your direction would be a good choice especially if you share the bed with your husband or partner.

There should always be two table lamps, one on your side and on the side of your husband. This will allow you both to do the things you need to do without disturbing each one.
You can likewise have lights mounted on top of the headboard. Make use of diffused lights. Task lights will also be a perfect option. They provide better quality light and reduce eyestrain.


If you have a TV in your bedroom, you can have a floor lamp placed on a corner. This can be turned on while watching a show or movie. Make certain, however, that the illumination is not directed towards the TV screen.

You can also have a light above your dresser’s mirror. This will aid you when putting on make-up.

Use varied sources of light and wattage in your bedroom.


Lights play a vital role in setting up the atmosphere in any room of the home. Since the bedroom is meant to be peaceful, relaxing and soothing, it is essential that you choose your lighting fixtures appropriately.

Do not forget the switch, too. The central lights switch must be located near the door. A dimmer switch can be used, too.

To save you from getting up from bed, have the switch of your headboard lights a few distance away from the light.

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