Friday, August 12, 2011

Furniture for a Small Patio


A small patio should not stop you to design it the way you want it to be. The trick is how to get furniture that will fit in without crowding your patio.


The Rules

Know your patio space. By measuring your available space, you will have an idea as to how many furniture your patio space can accommodate. You can do this by taking a picture of the area or draw it on a big board

Identify the placement of the furniture. Mark these spaces and indicate the size of the furniture. You can approximate its length. Use masking tape in marking the areas to make it visible. This will help you see if you have enough space for other furniture and for walking.

Choosing Furniture


A patio table. The best choices for tables are square, rectangle and oval-shaped although this is dependent on the dimension of your patio. The best shape, however, for a small patio is rectangle and oval. Both shapes will allow you to seat more people. They will also give you more space to walk on without banging your seatmate or your knees. Spherical shapes are not a good idea as they take more space.


A patio bar set is a sensible thing to have for a small patio. It saves you on space as you can use it for eating and serving purposes. It also has storage areas where you can keep your supply of snacks, drinks, sandwiches, etc. It comes with stools, maximum of which is two; hence, you only need to buy a few seating fitment.

You can have benches as your seating furniture or chairs. Both of these fitments are useful if you have a limited space.

A rectangular table attached to the wall is another great idea especially for a narrow space. You can match this table with benches to seat more people.


Online furniture stores offer patio tables that are rectangular in shapes that come with fitted benches. This is another great thing to have, as you do not need to look for benches that will complement your table.

Foldable tables and chairs are space-savers. Bring them out if you have plenty of guests and keep them after the gathering. Storage is easy, as you can store them in your garage.


Add some hanging plants and a few decorations to perk your patio.

Buying furniture for a small patio is not difficult. The available is not an issue either. What is important is a little creativity and imagination.

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