Friday, August 26, 2011

A Coffee Table for your Living Room


I got accustomed to having a coffee table in the living room. I still remember our old home where we have an all-wood furniture; however, the coffee table has a glass on top.

It was a useful piece of furniture for us --
- serving as a play table
- a work table where we do our homework
- a table where we put our snacks and drinks.


That is why I am surprised when I came into a home with no coffee table. This furniture is essential in every living room.

In choosing your coffee table, the following factors must be considered:

Establish where you want to position the coffee table. Although the normal place of this furniture is in the middle of the living room set and in front of the longest sofa, some put them on the side.


Modern furniture has come up with coffee tables, which can be placed on the side and was called end tables. Some may claim that end tables are for table lamps but if you are to evaluate it closely, they can also serve the purpose of being a coffee table.

Its size. The ideal length must be half the size of the longest sofa. There should also be a distance between the table and the sofa so you can move around. You do not want to bang your knees on the table, do you? Nor would you this to happen to your guests!


It is always sensible to get a longer coffee table as it is more functional.

Its style must match those of your current furniture. This explains the reason why a coffee table is included in a complete living room set – so that everything is in harmony.


Nevertheless, if you want your coffee table as an accent you can buy it separately. Buy a living room set without a table and look for a more intense-looking coffee table to match your set.

It shape. Various shapes are available to satisfy your preference. They come in round, rectangle, square, oval forms. Choose the shape that is appropriate for the space you have.


Its material. Wooden coffee tables are still very much in fashion. Alternatively, modern furniture created glass top coffee tables with steel frames. Glass top coffee tables can go with any kind of furniture. The downside is it can break easily and may pose danger with children and pets around. There are also coffee tables made from slate or plastic and marble for traditional Italian furniture.

So do not make your living room look bland because of the absence of a coffee table. Get one now and be practical in your choice.

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