Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Furniture to Match a Living Room with White Walls


Blending colors is not a big issue for a living room with white walls. Since white is a neutral color, it can go with any color of your choice.

However, do not mix your white colored walls with white furniture. It is nice to have everything in white as it suggests wholesomeness and clarity; nevertheless, it can also mean sterility. Your guests may feel like they are in a hospital.


Hence, better have a mixture of dark, pastel or loud colors to go with your white colored-wall living room.

Blend it with red and black. These two colors set on a white background can be theatrical. However, the combination of white, red and black will make each color stand out. Red sofas will give your white walls a spark. It drives out the blandness of white, as red shows power. Black sofas will likewise match beautifully with white walls. These colors can also be used for your accessories. Red sofas with a blend of black are also perfect for white walls. Pair off red throw pillows for your black sofas. Red sofas can have a mixture of white and black for throw pillows.


Blend black and white. This combination is a typical illustration of up-to-the-minute sophistication. It is never outdated. Match black leather sofas with glass top coffee table in a black frame. For accessories, have silver lamps and a black and white carpet.

Decorations are very essential in a white colored living room wall. This drives away the monotony of being too clean. So put some paintings on your wall or other wall decorations.


The good thing of having a living room with white colored walls is that you can put splatters of color in your furniture and decorations. Your objective must be to get the attention out of your white walls. It should only serve as a backdrop. Your furniture must provide accentuation.

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