Sunday, August 28, 2011

Make Your Living Room Safe for Your Kids

=" Not every home can provide a playroom for their kids. Thus, the living room becomes their play area. However, things can go awry especially if your furniture can pose harm to them. Likewise, children can damage your furniture. Making the living room safe for your kids is your best bet. =" Here are some pointers on how to do this: Allocate a particular area in the living room as their play area. Give your children instructions that he is allowed to play in that spot and he is restricted to other areas in the living room. =" Teach him how to be orderly. Furnish his play area cabinets and shelves to store his toys. You can also make use of stackable storage boxes. Storage carts are likewise a good choice since they are with wheels. Teach him to put his toys back where they belong after playing. Assign a particular storage unit for specific toys so he can find them easily. Classifying the carts will be of a big help especially for small toys such as puzzles. Make sure that the shelves or stackable boxes are not too high. =" Have a small table and a chair where he can do table games such as board games, puzzle, or an artwork. Make sure that the table has a drawer or side shelf so he can keep them there. Encourage him to clean his area after playing. Putting the toys back in their own storage spaces is not enough. He must learn to tidy the area even once a week like dusting. Make it a fun task for him by playing a nursery or Disney tune while he is doing it. =" For toddlers, you can encourage him to keep his toys back in their proper places by using color codes. Thus, storage boxes must be in colors. He will not only learn how to identify colors but will also learn orderliness. Ensure that the toys you buy are fitted to your child’s age. Tiny toys are not advisable for toddlers. You also need to check if they are safe by checking the labels and warnings. Ensure that they do not contain any harmful chemicals. =" Have a small covered trash can so he can throw his rubbish in it instead of on the floor or rug. To better guarantee the safety of your child, put a rug on the floor so he will not hurt his head or any parts of his body in case he miss a step. The above pointers will help make your living room a safe area for your child. You can even see him while watching a show or chatting with friends. This will also make certain that your child and your furniture are both safe.

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