Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maximize the Use of Your Buffet Table

Having a buffet table can prove to be a wise furniture investment.   It does not only function as a decorative piece.  You can use it as a dining table on casual occasions and on big gatherings.

Ways to maximize the use of your buffet table

Use your buffet table as your main dining table for small gatherings.  Just have additional chairs for your visitors.

Buffet tables are usually long, so you can use it as a service table during parties.  You can display the different food you have to offer from appetizers to the viands, deserts and drinks.  Your guests will take pleasure in choosing the food that they want since it is all there on the table.

It can be your accent wall in the dining room.  You can have an impressive table runner on its top or put a flower arrangement.   Have some floating or scented candles on one side and light them while having dinner with a small group of friends.  Let the scented candle stand on a stylish glass or on its own if it has attractive decorations.  Even your family can enjoy this candlelight dinner every 2 weeks or once a month.  This will change the usual dining atmosphere that you normally have.  

Modern buffet tables are made with the combination of wood and glass.  Hence, it is an excellent unit to display your dining ware.

Make use of your buffet table’s shelves, drawers and cabinets.  Put your china, silver and dinnerware in order in your buffet table’s shelves.   Keep your napkins, table runners, knives, placemats and serving spoons in the drawers.  

With the varied sizes of buffet tables these days, you can be certain that there is one suitable for your home.  Get one for your dining room now and you will have no regrets.  It is one of those dual-purposes furniture


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I appreciate you liking my post. People like you motivate me more to write. You inspire writers like me. Thank you.

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