Sunday, July 24, 2011

Living Room Lights: How to place them appropriately

Lights place an important role in any room design.  Choosing the appropriate lights though is not the only thing that matters.  You also need to know where to position them correctly.
The central design of your living room is vital to establish a stunning effect in your living room.  You can do this by separating the areas and deciding where to position the furniture.  Various lighting sources are necessary to have different brightness when needed. 
  • It will help you a great deal if you can draw this out on a paper or board and mark down the areas where you want to place your lights and their switches.  Putting the switch near the main entrance is the practical thing to do.
  • Put lights in and blend them with the purpose of the space and the furniture.   For instance, if the corner has a bookshelf then make sure it is illuminated.   
  • There should be a common light that extends to the entire room and turn it on when the family assembles.  You can use stand lamps with halogen bulbs for this purpose.
  • Make use of floor or table lamps to illuminate your sofa or armchair.  Choose one where you can adjust the brightness so it can be used anytime of the day.
  • If you have a reading area, install a spotlight with soft illumination.
  • Avoid putting lamps beside your TV set.  It will only blind the viewer’s eyes. 
  • Wall decorations can be heightened by installing spotlights focused on these items.Set up lights if your living room door is facing the street.  This will brighten up the difference of your outdoor and indoor radiance.  Go for soft and warm shafts of light.
Lights can make or unmake your living room ambiance.  It does not depend on the furniture alone.  You need to play with your lighting fixture and learn to maximize their use.  Even a simple-looking living room can have a comforting appeal because of the lights used.  Anyway, you do not need bright lights in this room always.


LA wonderland said...

Thanks for this tips. I might gonna use it when we transfer to New York.

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