Friday, July 29, 2011

Setting Up a Bar in Your Dining Room


If you want to have a bar but do not have enough resources for a real bar, you can still have one at your home. The best place to set it up is in your dining room.

This will not cost you much as you can use some furniture in your dining room. What is important is you know what items to buy.


If you are serious to setting up a bar in your dining room, you need to have the following:

First are the glasses. You can buy a few wine glasses; nonetheless, the dining glasses can also be used for drinking wine. If you have varied selections of dining glasses, you can assign some of these for bar use. Otherwise, get the real bar glasses such as shot glasses, champagne, whisky and wine glasses as well as beer mugs.


Second are the ice bucket and tongs. Invest in buying a durable ice bucket. It may be expensive but it is more cost-efficient. Check this item in discount stores or garage sales. Make sure you get one that is well insulated.

Third is a jigger. This is a very essential bar accessory for mixing drinks. The jigger measures the quantity of liquor to be served. Professional bartenders use of them. The two sizes of jigger that you need for your bar are the 1 ½ and the ¾ ounces. As for the kind, you can choose between the stainless steel jigger and the glass one. Glass jiggers are more preferred, as its capacity is bigger.


The fourth gadget that you need for your bar is the drink shaker. There are two kinds of shakers, the Boston and the Cobbler shakers. The Boston shaker has two canisters -- a 500 ml glass and a 900- ml glass. The Cobbler shaker, on the other hand, has three – the flask, the cap with a built-in strainer and the lid. Any of these two will serve your purpose although the Cobbler strainer has an edge over the Boston because of the strainer.

The fifth item is the bar spoon, which is to be used in blending cocktails and to measure the ingredients that will be put in the drink. You can also use it in crushing some ingredients. Bar spoons are made from stainless steel and measures 10 inches long. You can measure a teaspoon of drink essence or alcohol by using the bar spoon.


Other bar accessories that you need are corkscrew with a few extra corks, bottle and can opener, a sharp knife to sliver garnishes and fruits for the drinks. A blender is also another device that will be functional in your home bar.

Complete the gadgets listed above and enjoy a drink in your new bar.

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