Thursday, July 21, 2011

Furniture to Match a Light Blue-Colored Bedroom

A blue-colored theme bedroom  gives the impression of freshness that is similar to spring.  It is also one of the easiest colors to blend with. 
Here are some guidelines on how to match your furniture with the light blue-colored walls of your bedroom:
The color that is a good match with blue is lavender.  Both colors create a soothing and soporific ambiance.  Splatters of dark blue can be added if you find these two colors too soft or light.  Use dark tones of blue for your beddings and pillows.  Have dark blue for the cushions if you have a chair in your room.   
Dark blue or dark brown will blend nicely with your light blue walls.  Use this for your linens and duvet.   If your bed linens are in blue, then use brown for the duvet.  Use these two hues for your pillowcases in attractive patterns.
Have furniture made from wicker to put up a nature theme.  Wicker furniture in chocolate brown will blend nicely with light blue-colored walls.  It can either be your wicker chair, a lamp with a wicker shade or your bed.
If you want a rug, choose a faint blue color and place it at your bedside.  This will make a plain-looking bed enticing.
On the other hand, use a combination of brown and blue if you want a carpet in your room.  
Make use of accent pieces such as:
  • a dazzling blue vase as an accent piece
  • a shiny, mahogany-based table lamp
  • a wooden, turquoise jewelry box in
  • a painting of the sea or a beach
You can go dramatic by choosing dark colors to blend with your light-blue theme.  However, these tones are not advised for bedroom use. 

The bedroom must always have a peaceful appeal.  Hence, colors that are relaxing and calming are best options.   They help you quiet down your tired mind and body.

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