Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Difference between a King-Size and Queen-Size Bed

Beds make a difference for us to be able to sleep well. It likewise makes a difference for us to have a nice morning upon waking up. Remember the popular idiomatic expression “wake up on the wrong side of the bed”?

Hence, you need to make a good choice when buying this furniture. If you want more space, you can either have a king or queen size bed. Here are some details that might help you assess which of these two beds suit you best.

King Size Beds measure 76 x 10. With its big size, it can accommodate a family of four to sleep together provided, of course, that their built is average.

What is good: It provides more space. A person suffering from an injury or arthritis will be able to lie back comfortable without upsetting his partner. You can relax more and have that needed stretch upon waking up. King size beds are more spacious compared to the queen size beds.

What is bad: It is difficult to look for king size bed linens and blankets. Your bedroom must be huge to accommodate its big size. Your bedroom door must be equally wide to allow its entry.

Queen Size Beds measure 60 x 80, although their sizes differ in every country. It is ideal for a couple but a single person can have it, too.

What is good: It has more choices than the king-size bed. Couples get sufficient space allowing them to sleep better and to stretch. There are more selections for bed linens and blankets.

What is bad: Your bedroom must be big to accommodate this furniture. It is not advisable for plus size people.

You can also decide on having a full queen size bed if you do not want the king size. Nevertheless, this will still give you the problem of where to buy the sheets that will fit its size.

In the same way, you also need to check on the comfort-ability when buying your bed. Check on the mattress, the frame and the material. It may be a king size or queen size bed but if it does not support your back effectively, you will still be unable to sleep well.
Sleep is a very essential part of our health. So give much thinking before finally buying your bed.

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