Monday, June 6, 2011

How to Arrange Living Room Furniture


One of the most important rooms in the home where you get to have entertainment is the living room. Your family gathers together to play games, watch a movie or TV show, listen to music or just talk. Even when you have guests, you let them in your living room, not in the kitchen or in the dining room, right? Therefore, you need to give much time and planning in designing or decorating this room. Most importantly, you need to arrange the furniture well.


Here are a few tips on how to arrange your living room furniture.

Positioning of the Furniture

Create an accent wall. This is very essential and in fact, every living room must have it. You can assign a particular wall and paint it in a brighter hue than the other living room walls. You can also put furniture against it. It can also be a bay window or the traditional arrangement of living room furniture like a fireplace or a console table. Your accent wall must mirror the theme of the living room. After creating an accent wall, plan on your furniture arrangement to emphasize the accent wall.


Minimize Furniture

Having a lot of furniture is not a good idea, as it will only make your living room look chaotic. Always take into consideration the dimension of the room. You do not need to put all the nice-looking furniture. It does not mean that because your furniture is eye-catching you need to make way for all of them in the living room. This will only make the room to look disorganized. The living room must be practical. People must be able to move about without hurting someone or hurt themselves. Space is a must to have in the living room.


How to Partition the Space

The shape and the dimension of the living room must be studied as this will dictate the arrangement of your furniture. If you have a big living room, then break up the room to make it comfortable and intimate.

Option 1 – assign an area for living and another for dining or tea

Option 2 – have 2 living rooms (informal and formal)

Take Full Advantage of the Space

Select furniture that serves dual purposes. Modern living room furniture has a new function where they can also be storage spaces. Coffee tables, end tables, ottomans and even sofas have shelves or drawers. Apart from keeping the room clean, it takes to full advantage of the whole area.


Furniture arrangement is not a big task. You only need to be creative. Reading home decorating magazines will guide you, too. The internet also offers a lot of tips when it comes to this matter. Just follow the abovementioned tips and you will have the kind of living room that you have always dreamed of – modish, homely, inviting and warm.

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