Thursday, April 14, 2011

Keeping Your Sofa in Good Shape from the Claws of Your Pet


Most people love to take care of pets. Most of us take care of dogs or cats and we often let them inside our house. We always want them close to us. Some even sleep with their pets! We want to look after them and just play with them for hours. They give us joy and provide us with something to do during boring times. Pets also teach children to be more responsible by taking care of them. They have become a part of the family that we even mourn for them when they die.

However, there are still disadvantages of bringing in your pets in the house. They bring in unwanted smell and dirt. They also destroy your furniture, one of which is your sofa. A sofa destroyed by your pet may bring about a small war between the two of you. Who would want his sofa to be torn by his favorite pet? With this, you have to learn how to keep them away from your favorite sofa.


The most effective way is to train them. Have them know that the sofa is a restricted property to them. It is preferable that they be trained while they are still a few months old so the act becomes a habit and they will imbibe it till they get older. Let them have their own personal corner in the house where they could stay most of the time. If you bring them on the couch though, they should know that they are not allowed to scratch or tear it.

You may also want to buy a pet throw which you can use to coat or wrap the couch whenever your pet sits with you. It is easy to clean and can be bought in different colors and patterns. It is also available in quilt materials.


It is also very helpful if you buy your pet rubber toys on which they can gnaw their teeth and scratch their claws. This will distract them enough to turn their attention away from your couch.

You may also want to purchase a pet spray not to extinguish your pet but to keep them away from the sofa. Mix it with ample amount of water or prepare as the instruction on the container says and spray it on your sofa. It is available in a variety of fragrances including mint citrus smell.


Be the boss in the house

No matter how much you love your pets you have to know how to control them. You still have to establish that you are the master and that they have to obey your orders. Make them understand what you mean and give a signature look or tone of voice or action whenever you want them to stay away from your furniture. It is better if you have means of instilling the right attitude in them such as consequences for wrong deeds.


Keep your pet clean and neat

Have them take a bath at least once a week. Use special soap and shampoo to keep the fleas and fur problems away. Clean their teeth, paws, and claws as well. It would be better if you cut their claws too to prevent them from damaging the couch.

Fragrant sprays are also available for pets that have strong smells. Tidy up their fur and comb them every now and then. It is also hygienic for them to have a regular haircut like men do.

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