Sunday, April 17, 2011

Use Your Furniture to Maximize Dining Room Space


It has been a growing trend of today to live in rather smaller houses. This goes true to people who live on their own, or with their partner, or with a small family. Some even opt for condos and apartments rather than houses which is also a way to save more money than buying a house and lot. With the small space though, people often experience problems as to how they would design their dining rooms. They think that normal furniture would not fit the limited amount of space. But there have been innovation on furniture which save space and are especially made for small dining rooms.

You can put a variety of materials to furnish your dining room and make it seem bigger than its actual size.


Mirrors are very effective for this purpose. With them reflecting light in the room, more can be seen and appreciated. You could also put them in front of each other so they reflect the image of the parts of your room. This way people would not notice how small the room is. They would be under the spell of this simple illusion.

Short curtains are also effective measures especially if they are of light shades. Dark-colored curtains will only emphasize the small space of your dining room.

Avoid having much clutter in your room. Do not put many decors such as vases and figurines which take up a lot of space in the room. It is a must to buy the most important items only.


Your table should fit the size and suit the shape of the room. If the room has four corners and is more like a box, a square table best fits this room. A rectangular room should have a rectangular table not a square one because having the latter would result to too much space being occupied.


For really small dining rooms, opt for a round table with a single leg base so more chairs could be placed and to have more area for the feet and other things you may want to put on the floor.

Disregard the use of chairs with armrests. They are wider and will occupy more space than those without arms. It is better to have armless chairs instead. Put cushions and pads which you can tie on the chair for a more comfortable dining experience.


Get yourself a small buffet table. The buffet tables of today are now incorporated with drawers and shelves so you would have more storage areas for you china and dining ware. They will also serve the purpose of a party table whenever you entertain your guests and host parties.


For condos, foldable furniture is the fashion. They really save up a lot of space and add to the smart look of your room.

Plan the look of your dining room carefully. Remember that you want it to look good and be purposeful at the same time.

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