Saturday, March 10, 2012

Standard Rules When Buying Bar Stools

Bar stools have invaded homes particularly the dining room or the kitchen area.  This piece of furniture which is usually seen in bars is used for kitchen islands or counters.  Designed to provide more functionality other than being used in pubs, bar stools can likewise be used as extra seating furniture in small living rooms and patios.

To get the bar stools that will provide your home and bar convenience, check the following standard rules.

Give importance to height.  A bar stool must have the capability to adjust its height.  The person’s legs must have sufficient space beneath the counter.  There should be 12 inches of space between the stool and the counter.  Stools without arms must have 26 – 31 inches of space between them.  Alternatively, stools with arms must have 29 – 34 inches of space amid them.  If the counter measures 6 feet, provide 3 bar stools.   
It would also be best to choose bar stools that have a 360-degree rotation.  Some stools have bars placed in the middle of their legs to keep them from hanging and to rest your feet.  

Bar stools either have arms or without arms, with backrests or without backrests.  Always prioritize comfort when buying your stools.  Naturally, those with back and armrests provide more comfort.   

As for the materials, you have a choice from wood or metal.  Wooden bar stools are nice and this material has been used ever since.  The metal material is used for the more modern bar stools.  Nevertheless, check the way they were built.  For wooden bar stools, check the screws while for metal bar stools, check if the joints are properly welded.

Upholstered bar stools are more comfortable.  Nobody wants to sit on a hard surface anymore these days.  Leather upholstery is preferred by many because of its durability, elegant look and is easier to clean.  You can also find bar stools in microfiber although this is subject to easy wear and tear.    

Modern furniture offers more comfort, practicality and usability and this did not leave bar stools behind.  Check LA Furniture Store for more designs of bar stools that will surely make a statement in your kitchen counter, home or patio bar and pubs.

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