Monday, March 12, 2012

Patio Furniture Ideas for Small Patios and Decks

Even if you have a limited space in your patio or deck, you can still create a great place to relax. 

Here are a few hints on how to go about choosing your furniture pieces for your small patio or deck. 

To enjoy a small patio, you need to measure its size first.  When you have taken your patio’s dimension, you can calculate the size of the furniture that you need.  You can check online furniture sites and choose the furniture pieces.  However, make sure to get the measurement of the furniture.  

Mark your patio furniture placement by making a diagram on the floor using the measurements of the furniture pieces that you have.  Use a masking tape to mark the areas.  When you are done with it, stand on one side and check if you have adequate space for other pieces and walkway.

Instead of using the standard patio tables, settle for a patio bar set.  It is more practical as it saves you on space and functional as well.  The bar set comes with either a rectangle, round or square table.  Get one that has cabinets and shelves so you can put in your stock inside them.  They also come with bar stools; hence, you are sure that they complement each other.  Another alternative is the miniature patio tables with chairs similar to those used in cafés.  Foldable tables are also best options.

Pair your miniature tables with one grouping of chairs.  Select chairs without arms to free more space.  Foldable chairs would be a good choice.  Like the foldable tables, they are easy to set up.  You can also add a 2 or 3 more bar stools.  Use garden benches to add extra seating on small patios.  Choose benches with hinged lids so you can use it for storage.

If your patio is narrow, choose narrow patio furniture pieces.  A rectangle shape table will fit against a wall so you get to have more space.     

The shape and style are not the only features that you need to look into but also the color.  The color can either make your small patio or deck smaller or bigger.  Light- colored furniture will make it look bigger compared to dark-colored ones.

A big patio or deck would always be a welcome treat to any family.  However, the high cost of property has encouraged homeowners to live in small abodes.  The small space though need not stop anyone to have a comfy and relaxing patio.  With modern furniture offering more practicality and functionality, your small patio will still look big!

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