Thursday, March 8, 2012

Recognizing the Best Office Chair

There is a difference between sitting on a good and a bad office chair.  The former gives you good support while the latter only provides you seating furniture without the support your body needs while working.  So how do you recognize the best office chair?

The style and color comes secondary when choosing your office chair.  Ergonomics must be prioritized when buying your chair.  Understanding the need to support the body while at work, modern furniture manufacturers have included this feature in most office chairs.  Here are some of the characteristics of an ergonomic chair.

When an office chair is said to be ergonomically designed, it is built to cradle the user’s body.  It can be adjusted to suit the user’s preferences.  

When you sit on a chair, your feet must be flat on the floor while your arms are at the same level with your desk.  This will prevent you from having back and neck pains.  The best height ranges from 16 to 21 inches.  Your bottom must fit comfortably on the seat.  It must be deep enough to support your back when you lean on its backrest.  

Choose an office chair that give appropriate support on your lower back.  It must follow the contour of your spine as you sit on it.  Sitting for long hours makes our spine to curve inwards; thus we end up with back pains if the chair cannot support our back well.  Notice that when you have been sitting on your chair for long hours, you tend to push your back on the chair’s backrest.  Therefore, the backrest must be sufficiently wide to sustain your back.  A width of 12 to 19 inches is recommended.  The backrest must also be tilted to provide you more comfort.

The chair must have adjustable armrests.  You must be able to rest your arms on it conveniently to relax your shoulders.  However, they should not get in the way when writing or typing. 

Buy a chair that has caster wheels for easy maneuvering.  This allows you to reach for things without straining your muscles.

The upholstery is another thing to take into account.  Choose a material that is cool to the skin.  There should be sufficient padding for comfort without sacrificing good support.

A chair that features a 5-star pedestal provides stability rather than one with four.  

We all have our preferences for chairs; however, we must not concentrate on its outside appearance.  Comfort and proper support are still the best criteria to look for.  Stress from work plus a poor chair will contribute to those tired muscles leading to back and neck pains.  Do not allow this thing to happen to you.  Your office furniture must contribute to you and your employees’ efficiency.  Choose the best office chair to work efficiently and for a healthier you!


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