Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Using Black Leather Sofas for Your Living Room

There are some people who love to use black for their clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories.  For them, black depicts elegance and sophistication.

Modern furniture manufacturers have likewise incorporated the use of color black in furniture.  Would you want to have black furniture in your living room?

There are two advantages of choosing black leather sofas.  One is for easy cleaning and maintenance and two is stains and blemishes can be hidden.  To accomplish a better appeal, follow the following guidelines.

Wooden coffee, end or corner tables will blend well with black leather furniture.  The somberness of the color black can be made softer by wood to create the feeling of warmth in your living room.    

Opt to have laminated or light-colored floors.

Light-colored walls are a good blend with black leather sofas.  The colors peach, light green, mauve, turquoise or pale yellow for your walls to reduce the effects of black leather furniture.

Choose pillows in two different colors.  Some can have the same colors with that of your walls while a darker shade for the others.   To have better harmony, make use of monochromatic colors in your living room.   

You can also have a mixture of three colors.  For instance, you can have light and dark peach accessories to blend with your black furniture.  Choose vases, figurines, rugs, photo frames in light and dark peach to harmonize with your furniture in black. 

Use metals for your lighting accoutrements.  A metal stand lamp and a polished nickel table lamp are good options.

So long as you choose the correct colors and accessories, your black leather furniture will not make your living room an apathetic or unemotional ambiance.  In fact, it will add a bit of mystifying sophistication.

Selecting black leather furniture in your room requires a sharp eye to establish the proper balance.  Proper equilibrium with your furniture and your other fixtures are essential in creating an impressive and striking living room.

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