Friday, February 3, 2012

Use Colors and Furniture to Bring Zest in Your Bedroom

We spend more time in our bedroom; therefore, it must provide us with an atmosphere that will make us relax and at peace.

By using colors and furniture, you can bring zest in your bedroom. 

Paint your colors with calming and soothing colors.  The combination of green and grey induce a restful mood that is likewise stylish and alluring.  You can also have red for an Oriental appeal.  You can also maintain the colors of your wall and use your furniture to add fizz.

To have a peaceful and soporific mood in your bedroom, surround it with affectionate colors.

Practice caution if you use colors as your accents.  Green, blue, gray and white are considered cool colors, as they produce an interesting result.  However, they should be used in moderation so as not to reduce the warmth of your bedroom.

Combine monochromatic colors with lively hues.  Have your accessories or furnishings in yellow or peach if you have faint green walls.  Linens and pillows can be in raspberry color.

Balance the cool colors with affectionate hues.  If your wall is painted in blue, which is a cool color, choose yellow for your bed sheets, pillow cases, throws, etc.  A red area rug placed in front of the bed would also add warmth to the cool blue color of your walls.

Choose furniture that is made of dark wood or metal.  These are the natural hues of contemporary furniture.  You can keep your old pieces of furniture if they are still functional.  Repair them (if this can still be done) and repaint them by using a more outstanding, happy and relaxing color.

The use of varying colors in your bedroom can give it a spark.  Colors can affect our moods so you must create the scene that is conducive to giving you peace and happiness.  Colors are not only applied for your furnishings, accessories and walls.  They can also be applied on your furniture.   Even if you have wooden furniture, you can still incorporate some color in them by making sure that they get a new finish or polish.

It would also be good for your health to have a periodic change in the colors of your bedroom.  Have a good rest and get recharge by using colors and furniture in your bedroom wisely.

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