Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Recessed Lighting can Give Your Room a More Relaxing Mood

Without the proper lights, your room will still look incomplete in spite having the most expensive and luxurious furniture.  Adding excitement and playing an essential role in home decorating are lighting fixtures; hence, you need to see to it that you give them utmost attention, too.

 Lighting fixtures have undergone numerous changes since the time it was invented.  From the simple bulb, it has evolved into various designs and styles with each of them offering different functions and amount of illumination.  Although having a general light is still present in most home, other lighting accoutrements are used for different purposes.  With the use of different lights, your room can have a more relaxing mood and foster a more inviting appeal.      
With recessed lighting, your room can have an extraordinary appeal.  You can even replace your general light with recessed lights.  Following are the good aspects of using recessed lighting.  

  1. It can replace chandeliers and lamps.  
  2. It can give emphasis on your decorations such as the family picture, an artwork or any of your beloved possessions.
Recessed lights can be mounted in any room of your home.  As mentioned above, it can be used to give focus to your decoration.   For better results, recessed lights must be mounted opposite the decoration.  Observe a distance of 12 – 18 inches.  Additional lights can be added to give the decoration more emphasis.

Mount recessed lights in the reading area.  Mount it directly above the head.  This will keep away any shadows that can distract the attention while reading.

Mount recessed lights in the kitchen.  Position them under the cupboards so you can have adequate illumination while cooking.

How to mount recessed lights

Get the measurement of the recessed lights so you can evaluate the distance for each unit.  A distance of feet is recommended if the fixture measures inches and a distance of 6 feet if it measures 6 inches.

Observing the recommended spacing will make it look organized.  Take into account your decoration, too.  Lights, furniture and your decorations must be in harmony.

You can get some ideas from the internet or from home decoration magazines.  You can also check online furniture stores for some tips.

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