Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Woman’s Choice for Living Room Furniture

A woman’s living room will have color, style and comfort, which is similar to how she dresses herself.  
For her living room, a woman can choose from the following kinds of furniture
 First option:  Modern Furniture
Simple and straightforward lines, their shapes are angular and rounded.  Sectional sofas have solid colors ranging from dark to light tones.  They are upholstered either in microfiber or leather. 
Sofas that have stainless steel legs or hardwood would capture a woman’s taste for they create a deluxe appeal.  Metal pink sofas either in warm pink or the bold shade of red are ideal for career women.  Her tired legs would need an ottoman so she can also rest her tired legs and feet.
 Second option:   Traditional Furniture
Conventional women would love these types of furniture.  Elaborate designs are features of traditional furniture.   Some are silky because of the finishing used for the wood while others are plain natural wood.  These are also perfect for working moms for they are long-lasting and sturdy.  Conventional fitment is commonly considered antique for inheriting it from their grandparents or relatives.
 Third option:  Transitional Furniture
A combination of modern and traditional features of furniture, they are convenient, durable and elegant.  The straightforward lines balance the traditional design to give it a touch of modernity.
 The following accessories are her options for her living room:
  1. Throw pillows with flowery designs and in soft pastel colors
  2. Long bamboo sticks in tall vases for an Asian touch
  3. Big-mouthed jar or ornamental rattan baskets where she can place her magazines or periodicals
  4. A shelf where she can keep her books, display her photos and other mementos
  5. An area rug that portrays her personality
  6. A wall painting featuring nature
  7. Fresh flowers or bonsai on top of the coffee table or fresh plants in strategic places
  8. Soft, silky curtains in light or pastel colors
  9. Floating or scented candles for a nice-smelling living room
 A woman’s living room will be loaded with sweet and romantic colors, as she knows that these further add to the appeal of the room.  Since she believes that her personality must be projected in her living room, she definitely will make this clear to her guests and friends and even to her family.

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Thomas H. Grass said...

Yeah you are right. A woman's living room will reflect to what she is. Almost all of my lady friends likes red, peach and white. they also love it to look clean and well arrange. thanks for the blog post i will take my time and bookmark your blog.

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