Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Avoid Clutter by Selecting a Good Office Desk

To avoid creating a bad business image, you need to have a good office desk where you have adequate space for your things.  Here are some pointers on selecting a good office desk.

Get a desk that has plenty of drawers.  Put dividers inside the drawers so you can keep items separately:  small items like paper clips, staple wires, etc. and big items like markers, pens, etc.

Assign a place for all items.  Make use of shelf space or drawers and assign them to specific items to avoid confusion.  Label the drawers so you know what is inside.  Items that are commonly used must be placed nearer while those that are not frequently needed must be in the bottom drawer.

Have a desk organizer to keep your pens, pencils, notepads, etc.  This removes clutter on your table.  You can get a desk organizer that can be rotated or one that has a calendar on it.

Have a filing cabinet nearby.  An incoming and outgoing tray would be helpful to segregate those that need to be filed.  Set aside 10 minutes before you leave to file documents.

Have a trash bin near your desk.  Remove pieces of paper that you no longer use.  Discard old notes, pens, memos, etc.  Throw them all inside the trash bin.  

Clear your desk prior to leaving your office.  Make it a good habit to clear your desk of clutter.  Another five to ten minutes is enough to do this prior to going home.  Remove used cups, mugs or glasses.  Books, folders, pens, etc. must be put back in their proper places.  A clear desk will start your day better.

Your business will be more successful if the office is clean and orderly.  Your clients will be more impressed seeing an organized desk, as it reflects the way you handle your business. Hence, choose the appropriate furniture for your office.

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