Thursday, January 5, 2012

Decorating the Master’s Bedroom

The master’s bedroom is intended for the husband and wife; hence, it must be made very private and pleasant.  Following are a few tips when designing your master’s bedroom.

Make use of modern and contemporary furniture.  Contemporary and modern furniture have varied designs and styles.  Choose those that harmonize well with your bedroom paint color.  They offer more storage spaces thus maximizing its functionality.   You can have a striking dresser, which will not only be a part of your bedroom decoration but one that you can use, too.  Most contemporary dressers come with mirrors so you can maximize your bedroom space.  

Choose colors that suggest a soothing and calming atmosphere.  Ideal colors for the master’s bedroom are robin blue and ivory.  These colors reflect lights without creating a shadow.  You can also opt to have other colors but make sure to choose the lighter ones as they suggest a more comforting atmosphere.   The color of your bed linens, pillow cases, curtains, walls and furniture must blend well to have a better equilibrium in your room.

Play up with your bedroom lights.  Lights play an important role in achieving the ambiance that you want to have in the room.  Have lights that are not too dim or too radiant.  Chandeliers are good options since their lights project a romantic touch.  Choose nightstands that give off a warm glow all over the room.  Position a nightstand on each side of the bed.

Your master’s bedroom can have a different appeal and can be made more pleasant and private with the proper choice of furniture, fixtures and colors.  If you carefully plan for its design, both you and your husband will have a bedroom that provides comfort, love and peace.  Remember, this is where you and your spouse rekindle your romance; therefore, it is a must that it provides you a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

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