Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tips on Cleaning Patio Furniture

To keep outdoor furniture looking new and fresh, it must be cleaned regularly.  Since these are made from various materials, different methods of cleaning must be observed.

Here are the general rules on cleaning patio furniture.

1.      Follow the instructions provided by the furniture manufacturer
2.      Use mild soap and water in cleaning them
3.      Apply a small amount of car wax to maintain and protect its frames

How to clean wicker patio furniture

1.      Take off the cushions and use a hose or pressure washer to clean them.
2.      Mix mild soap and cold water and use a sponge to wash them if they are too dirty.  Wait for it to dry completely before applying a small amount of paste wax on the frame.  This will keep its luster.
3.      To protect frames, cover them and keep cushions indoors if they are not to be used.
4.      As much as possible, choose weather resistant wicker pieces as they are easier to maintain.

Taking care of wooden patio furniture

1.      Use exterior grade varnish to safeguard it from outside elements.  To clean this type of furniture, use a mixture of mild soap and water and a soft cloth.  Rinse it out in clean water to remove the soap.
2.      Cedar and teak can stay outdoors even during winter; however, other wooden types of patio furniture must be kept indoors in the winter.

Cleaning plastic patio furniture 

These materials are the easiest to maintain.

1.      Wash dirt with clean water and let them dry in the air.
2.      Use a gentle abrasive to scrape marks.
3.      Molds and mildew can be removed by mixing 2 cups of detergent to a gallon of water and a cup of bleach.

Cleaning aluminum, wrought iron and steel furniture 

1.      Although these materials are easy to clean, extra care must be observed to avoid them from rusting, especially if they are not rust-resistant.
2.      Use mild soap and water.
3.      Modern metal patio furniture is commonly rust-resistant.  However, if your pieces are not, use naval jelly or paste wax to safeguard them from rusting.

Following the above tips will not only make your patio furniture looking fresh and clean but will also lengthen their life span.

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