Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tips on How to Safeguard Your Bedroom Furniture from Your Pets

Most of us love pets and this love for them prompts us to let them inside our home.  However, the worst can also happen when we allow them inside as they can also destroy our furniture.  This is all the more worrisome if you let them inside your bedroom.

If you love your pet so much that you want him to stay with you in your bedroom, you need to employ some house rules for him.

Scold your pet the next time he lays on your bed.  Use varied tones so he will be able to differentiate if you are angry or not.  Avoid beating or whipping them.  Spraying some water on them is very effective to drive them away particular for cats. 

Provide him his own sleeping space and let him understand that it is his own bed.  Use a blanket or a rug to keep him warm.  A crate would be ideal for dogs or have some enclosures.  See to it that he has adequate space to move about, as dogs love to do this.  The crate must be big enough for him so he can sit, stand and sleep.  Do not bother if he whines during the night.  He will soon relax and get used to sleeping on his crate.  Buy a cathouse if it is a cat that you have.  Cathouses normally have dividers so it can accommodate more than one cat.

To provide your cat a place where she can clamber, buy her a cat tree.  This will prevent her from gnawing and clawing on your furniture. 

Buy toys for your pet to keep him busy.  Pets love to gnaw and claw on things.  The toy will divert his attention away from the sofa.

The best solution, nevertheless, is not to allow your pets to go inside your bedroom.  You can specify a certain area where he can stay in the living room and make him understand this.

Bathe your pet daily to remove any foul smell.  Groom him so he will not develop any skin disease.
Pets are like humans.  They need to be trained while they are still young.  If you do this, you will not encounter any problem of damaged furniture brought about by your pets loitering inside your home.

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