Thursday, December 8, 2011

Put Elegance in your Bedroom with Italian Bedroom Furniture


Italy is famous for its artists with the likes of Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Donatello, Raphael and so on.  This country has made sculpture, paintings and architecture a part of their culture.  It is also known for its artistry in making furniture.

I am sure that any homeowner would want to own Italian furniture but what makes them so popular?  Let us look into the beauty of Italian bedroom sets.

Italian bedroom sets are interesting pieces of art that blends well with any type of decoration and theme.  

Traditional bedroom sets are normally made of wood with intricate carvings and with spherical tops.  Alternatively, modern Italian furniture is smaller and silkier with leveled or squared bases and sides with moderately arched tops.

Different materials are used in creating them.  The most popular though is wood.  Different varieties of wood are used although mahogany and walnut are the most common types of wood used.  Other pieces are made of laminated wood.  Wooden bedroom furniture is usually in dark or light brown shades.

There are also pieces made of marble and plastic laminates.  A few are a mixture of wood and plastic laminates.  These pieces are characterized by their cream white or black color.

One can easily distinguish a conventional Italian bedroom set because of its ornate arches on its headboard, footboard and dressers.  Their tops are circular with elaborate carvings.  The bedroom set also includes nightstands or wardrobes that have leveled bases with no sharp edges in front.  The wardrobe and headboard also feature glass panels while the dresser comes with a vanity mirror.

Modern Italian bedroom sets are also silkier in their design compared to the conventional ones.  The nightstand and dresser has moderately rounded edges in front, straightforward lines on its sides and moderately arched tops.  Headboards are extremely rounded.

Contemporary Italian bedroom sets have straightforward lines on its sides and may or may not feature a footboard.  

Prices of Italian bedroom sets vary to make them available to anyone.  Those that feature intricate carvings are normally expensive compared to the contemporary ones.  

If you want to own antique Italian furniture, be prepared with your resources, as it is absolutely expensive.  The price of antique Italian furniture will also rely on its age, the material and type of design.   They also harmonize well with any furniture style.

The presence of Italian furniture adds elegance into your bedroom.

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