Saturday, December 10, 2011

Which Sofa Materials Should You Choose?

When buying furniture, it is important that you choose the materials appropriately.  The material will be your gauge for its strength as well as the duration of the furniture.

However, you also must include other factors when choosing the sofa material such as presence of children and pets, the users and their built, the cleaning time and the frequency of use.

The different sofa materials

Natural materials.  Falling under this category is cotton.   They used to rip off easily but modern technology has made them more durable.   

Manmade materials.  These are stronger than natural fibers.  They do not easily get dirty and are stain resistant.   Included in this category are the nylon blends, polyester blends and rayon.  Nylon defies dust and smears.  Polyester is easier to clean but the most cost-efficient is rayon.  Rayon does not easily fade even exposed under direct sunlight, is soft and does not easily deteriorate.

Microfiber materials.  These materials are recommended with children and pets around.  They defy blemishes and dirt; hence, it suits a busy household.  They are also durable.  If you have a member of your family with allergy, choose microfiber sofas

Leather materials.  These are the best choices as they are hard-wearing and sure to last for a long time.  Maintenance is easy.  Full leather grain is expensive but other grains are cheaper.

Silky materials that are closely weaved are a perfect choice for a busy living room.  Choose the more closely weaved, as they are stronger.  

Do not choose materials that feature raised upholstered patterns, as they tear off quickly.   

Prices of furniture may differ with the materials used.  Nevertheless, always consider the durability over the price.  Saving a few dollars may only mean spending more in the end.  Remember, buying furniture must not be taken for granted.  Quality and durability are the most important elements that you need to look into first before the price.

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