Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Choose Bedroom Lights Appropriately

An essential element in decorating the home is the lighting fixture.  Lights come in different forms and each has a role to play in every room.

Let us take the case of the bedroom.

Our secluded area in the home, the bedroom must be conducive to resting and must provide an ambiance that is to our liking.  Therefore, it is important that we have the appropriate furniture as well as the correct lighting fixtures.

Adequate illumination must be installed in the room.  Do not put ceiling lights in a line above your bed.  The direct radiance is hurting to the eyes causing headaches particularly when watching a movie or lying on the bed when reading a book.

Diffused lights placed on top of your head are good options.  You can also use lamps with lighter shades.

For table lamps, pick those with bulbs for they give off faint illumination suitable for resting.   

A long angled lamp would suit someone who loves to read before going to sleep.  This will not disturb your partner as you can direct the light to your direction.  It also has a softer glow that will not hurt your eyes.
Provide a lamp on each side of the bed for you and your spouse.  This will allow each of you to finish other tasks without disturbing the other who is already asleep.

Lastly, pick lights that have different wattage.   

Bedroom must have dim lights.  You can also opt to have dimmer switches so you can regulate their brightness.  However, ensure that the switch is within your reach so it will be easy to alter their radiance or to turn them off.
One more thing that you need to remember is to see to it the illumination is evenly distributed.  Every angle of your bedroom must be lighted to save you for grasping for objects in the dark or squinting your eyes.

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