Saturday, November 12, 2011

Choosing Materials for your Dining Room Furniture

Dining room furniture is made of various materials.  Wood, of course, is still the primary material used.  However, as new manufacturers have erupted in the industry, new ideas were incorporated.  This led to innovations in creating dining furniture.
Here is a review of the materials used in producing dining room furniture.
The oldest and universal material used for any furniture is Wood.  Oak, mahogany, pine, teak are just some of the types of wood used.
Positive aspects:
  • matures with the time and scratches fade away in general
  • sturdy, hardwearing and resilient
  • has germ-fighting features particularly the unrefined type
  • finishing can be done in various forms

Negative aspects:
  • some wood types are heavy making it difficult to transfer furniture from one area to another
  • costlier especially the good quality ones
  • can get disfigured
Looking like wood is Veneer.   

Positive aspects: 
  • costs lesser than wood
  • unlikely to be deformed
  • liquid resistant
  • varied styles

Negative aspects:
  • shorter life span and easily breaks off at its borders
A common material used for contemporary furniture is Glass.

Positive aspects:
  • reflects light making a room to look bigger and livelier
  • fashionable and modern
  • matches any types of furniture
  • heat and scratch resistant
  • easy to clean

Negative aspects:
  • pose danger for its sharp edges
  • collects dust and dirt
Another modern material used for dining room furniture is Plastic.  The plastic material used is not the ordinary thing that you know, as technology has improved its quality.

Positive aspects:
  • cheaper than other types of furniture materials
  • easy to clean and durable
  • available in a myriad of styles, colors and finishing

Negative aspects:
  • becomes yellowish in the long run
  • intolerable to heat
  • scratches cannot be repaired
Wicker is another material used for dining room fitment. Tropical liana rattan or willow sticks are used for these types.   They are actually created from wood with the addition of wick elements.  This combination makes them easier to decorate, cheaper and most of all, durable.

Modern dining furniture is also made of Fabrics or Leather.  This pertains to the seat where leather or fabric is used.  This offers more convenience and is available in different colors.  Fabrics can also be available in different patterns.  Leather may be expensive than fabric but is more durable.  The good thing about these two materials is that they are both easy to clean.

The above information can assist you in your choice.  Remember, however, to include your preference, the people who will use it and your purpose on buying the dining room furniture.


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